Saturday, May 2, 2015

SpeakNaked the Heart can Remember

Speak to be heard,
       Pause to be remembered

The Head speaks high and fast,
              the Heart speaks low and slow

 The Head understands,
                          but the Heart remembers.

 Remember the last time you got a voicemail that sounded like...

and you had to rewind it 17 times just to get their name...
never mind their number.
Isn't it a pain when that happens?
Sometimes as speakers we begin our presentations, introductions and elevator speech in the same jammed together no pause way... Getting everything out really quickly,  all in one breath.
The problem is when we speak quickly in person, our audience doesn't get the chance to stop and rewind our message. So its lost, confused and definitely not remembered
We have to give the audience time to hear, process, understand, and feel our message.  Only then, will they truly take it in, process, feel and remember it.

For an example, let's redo that previous voice mail message using your name and number.  Remember the 3 important points you want them to remember are: your name; your company; and call me. Then say your phone number with pauses so they can get it, write it down and call you.

To signal something important... pause... before... and after saying it...  
Just taking a short inhale is a great way to pause.

Now...You give it a try
With your name, business and phone number

My name is
"Your First Name"(inhale)"Your Last Name".(Pause)
From..."Your Business Name"(Pause)
Please...Call me(Pause)
at(inhale)(your phone number)XXX(inhale)XXX(inhale)XXXX.

Now this may feel slow... strange...or odd to you and that is natural because it is different.
Try it out on someone new (like at HSSN) and get their feedback.  
You will be surprised how
a little Pause will get you remembered. 
For more ideas on how to improve your speaking and presentation email me now at
I Help You (inhale) Love (inhale) Public Speaking (Pause)


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