Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Thank You Hiatus, I Didn’t Realize How Much You Cared.

This past week I finally did it. I started exercising again after a long hiatus. My self-talk was relentless about how many aspects of my life had gone from amazing to blah; and how I wanted get back on track. “I really would like to exercise and eat healthy again. I feel horrible. I feel jiggly. I feel tired and lazy. I cannot think straight. I feel defeated.” I questioned myself as to why it took this long for me to get moving again.

The easy answer is “I don’t know.”

The excuse answer is “I don’t have the time – so many other things happening!”

The truth answer is “I don’t trust myself to stick with it and finally make it part of my lifestyle; so why bother starting? I’m enjoying being lazy and eating anything I want.”

I have had successful hiatus-rebounds in the past; but I was not up for repeating the feel-amazing / feel-blah cycle yet again. I simply would like to feel amazing all the time!

Therefore, I looked deeper into my hiatus pattern and discovered the culprit – my self-saboteur. She would sit hidden, until the tiniest opportune moment and pounce; like a hungry bird on a worm - making sure, I stay small (and safe) in life.

You see, when I exercise and feel physically and mentally amazing. I have no fear. I take on challenges I never dreamt of; and wildly succeed. I beam enthusiasm for life and positivity and giving - and people around me feel it and respond. I simply love life and am grateful for every moment. I say “YES!” more because my mind and body are strong and I know it – the confidence is cloud high. I start becoming a completely new person; a take action, never give up, get out there and kick-butt kind of person. My “self” starts to panic “Who is this (confident) person? We have never been here before. We have never done this before. This is scary; retreat, retreat!”

And Bam! Back in the safety of my comfort zone I go. I am safe, but sad.

I took a Guy Finley approach (from his book The Essential Laws of Fearless Living) and looked at this hiatus from a different altitude. In doing so, I realized that a hiatus could often be positive, supportive, and necessary in a journey. It allows time for reflection and lessons. A hiatus gives time for ah-ha moments and personal growth to percolate so when you dive back in again you bring a different self; and thus have a different outcome.

This time I understand my self-saboteur and the self-defeating signs to look for. I refuse to become the worm again! Cloud-high confidence; here I come.

The above scenario can overlay on any aspect of ones life or business that has an up-down repeat cycle. Here's a few points to recap.
  1. Remember a hiatus is perfectly okay, and often a gift.
  2. During a hiatus, ask yourself “What’s the pattern that brings me back here?”
  3. Once you have acknowledged the pattern, give yourself some kudos – what awesome self-awareness! Woot!
  4. With your new powerful mental-shift, focus on your restart – bringing in accountability partner(s), make public announcements or use a “success jar” – whatever you need to do to get you back on track and to keep you there.
  5. If in the (far) future, you find yourself in another hiatus; it is okay. You are at a new and higher level than you were before. Simply repeat from point # 1 above.
If you find yourself in a marketing hiatus and are ready to get back on track, I am a phone call 860-379-2794 or an email grow@greenhousegraphicsllc.com away!  

Until next time, happy marketing!

Chana Monahan
Greenhouse Graphics, llc. Where Ideas Grow



  1. Thanks, Chana. I needed this info.

  2. Love this! A hiatus is so essential in every area of life, even a short one makes a big difference.