Monday, May 18, 2015

Constantly Feel Like Your Running out of time!

Tracking Your Day!

Have you ever started your day with "plenty of time" to accomplish everything you need to only to have one or more of your tasks take more time than you expected it to?
I have experienced this on more than one occasion, it is frustrating, stressful and inconvenient to say the least. It happens because we do not always realize how long a task can truly take to accomplish.
I have found a method to help prevent this from happening too often. It is called "Tracking Your Day" adapted from Activity Log.
*Grab a sheet of paper and a writing utensil, make 1 small column label it "Time", make a second column label it "Activity description, "make a third column label it "Duration" and a final column label it "Value". For each column, draw down the page many rows, this is where your information will be entered.
*Decide on a starting point; as early as you wake up or at the beginning of your work day, which ever best suits where you are having trouble with time management.
*As you start an activity, write the time and the description of that activity, when you stop that activity write how long it took you even if the task is not complete.
*We are going to fill in the 'Value' column later.
*Go through your day tracking your activity time, the activity description and the duration that you worked on your activity (even if it isn't complete), be sure to do this for everything you do, even for an unexpected phone call, a restroom or coffee break, Everything.
*At the end of your day go back and assess the value of each of your activities.
Repeat this process daily for a minimum of two weeks up to a month.
Stay tuned there is more to come this week.
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Have a productive, positive and peaceful day.

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