Wednesday, May 20, 2015

How to Achieve Real, Lasting Change

Achieving real change is no small feat, as most of us know. What do I do first? How do I decide between various options? Where do I get the resources? What if other people object? How do I overcome my doubt? What if I fail?

Having worked as a life coach for over a decade ~ helping people achieve real change in their personal and professional lives ~ I have identified the five key steps that must be taken (and, if put into action, will absolutely work!) to successfully create real and lasting change in your own life.

The entire five step process will be shared with you throughout the coming months. My hope and request is that you use it to intentionally improve any and all aspects of your life that you would like to change: find a better career and be well paid for doing what you love, deepen your relationships or find a relationship that brings you joy, improve your physical health and well-being, laugh more often, make a bigger difference in the world, connect with family and friends, pursue new interests, and genuinely love your life. You deserve nothing less!

Here is the five step process you will learn:

Define the Gap - Learn to identify exactly what you would like to change across all aspects of your life. And don't worry, it will be a fun and easy process, not a grind and definitely not depressing!

Finding Resources - What do you need to help you create the change? Time? Money? Partners? Courage? Discover an abundance of resources when you know how to access them.

Overcoming Obstacles - Every journey has its twists and turns, obstacles and setbacks. Learn the mindset to overcome them all.

The Action/Inspiration Cycle - There is nothing like a little taste of success to make you want more. Learn how to take inspired action and gain sustainable momentum that continually propels you forward toward your goals.

Making Change Last - Discover the secret to lasting change via one of two ways: Passion or Decision. And if you have both, become unstoppable!

Stay tuned, the path to real change is coming your way!

Linda Spevacek is an innovative speaker, author and coach who can help you create prosperity across all aspects of your life. For speaking topics and programs, visit

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