Monday, May 11, 2015

Necessity IS the Mother of Invention

Yesterday was Mother’s Day. Each one of us is in this world is here because of our birth mother.
And we thanked our moms with a card, flowers or a celebration. Perhaps we have spent our growing life with our mother or maybe we have been adopted and have a second mother. Perhaps we have a step mother or we might have had a surrogate birth mother. I have a step-daughter who was a surrogate mother, carrying and giving birth to twins that were the sperm and eggs from their own father and mother. 

Wow! What a creation! Maybe we are called mother by someone who is very close to us and if
we are very lucky we become a grandmother or even a great grandmother. We also use the word mother in many different forms from Religious to disgust.

Then there is the use of the word as this quote states: “necessity is the mother of invention.”
What this means is that there is a birth of an idea that has a solution.
As business owners, Professional Speakers, writers and Marketers we all become mothers to our businesses whether male or female. We create, feed and nurture ides, programs, books, blogs, Speeches, Workshops and various creations.
There are usually two kinds of people who are Soleprenaurs. The process person and the product person. If we are a process person we may procrastinate, and put off the product creation, production and distribution because we are just having fun doing what we’re doing. If we are a product person,
we may have difficulty with the process and are quite joyful when we get someone else to help us
as we create the finished product.

It is however, a necessity to be both a process and product person if we are to stay in business.
When your mind wanders too far away from the task at hand and you lose sight of the end results
get some Life Coaching to help you stay motivated. Likewise, if you are focused on the end product, get a Life Coach who can help you with your business process.
So yes! Necessity IS the mother of invention and that’s YOUR challenge!

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  1. I loved this whimsical post Carolyn. It was fun, light and reasonable aka it makes perfect sense....right up my alley. Thank you!

  2. Sweet and inspiring! Thanks, Carolyn.