Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The fences fear creates. The framework to outwit the devil.

In Napoleon Hill's Outwitting the Devil Mr Hill interviews the Devil.

Many believe that this conversation is an imaginary convention that services a literary vehicle.

I believe the writing transcends the wisdom of one man. That said I am biased and I want to believe.

In the beginning the Devil confesses his power comes from leveraging minds of man.

We also learn that the antidote to this is free thought.

Today we talk about fear.
The Devil: To be sure, I employ tricks and devices to control human thought. My devices are clever ones too.

Mr Hill: Go ahead and describe your clever tricks, Your Majesty.

The Devil: One of my cleverest devices for mind control is fear. 
I plant the seed of fear in the minds of people, and as these seeds germinate and grow, through use,
I control the space they occupy.The six most effective fears are the fear of poverty, criticism, ill health, loss of love, old age, and death.
Mr Hill: Which of these six fears serves you most often, Your Majesty?

The Devil: The first and the last— poverty and death!
At one time or another during life I tighten my grip on all people through one or both of these.
I plant these fears in the minds of people so deftly that they believe them to be their own creation. I accomplish this end by making people believe I am standing just beyond the entrance gate of the next life, waiting to claim them after death for eternal punishment.
Of course I cannot punish anyone, except in that person's own mind, through some form of fear— but fear of the thing which does not exist is just as
useful to me as fear of that which does exist. All forms of fear
extend the space I occupy in the human mind.
-Napoleon Hill  Outwitting the Devil.

The essence of this conversations is fear can limit us. The fears are not often real.  And imagined fears are just as powerful as real ones.

Poverty, criticism, ill health, loss of love, old age, and death are all powerful fears.  

Fear of poverty can prevent from starting a business. 
Fear of criticism will stop people from performing or creating. 
Fear of ill health and old age can prevent you from living life.
Fear of lost of love will allow you stay in a unhappy situation, 
Fear of death will makes us afraid of flying. 

Yet with free thought we can chose to do to the thing we fear and unlock our true potential.  

This is way free thought is the antidote to fear.  

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