Monday, May 4, 2015

The Psychology of Success Part 3!

In parts 1 and 2 of the psychology of success we discussed a few methods that all achievers use, whether they know of not, to become successful, as well as a few of the laws of success. This third part will discuss a few additional laws of success.

Humans have roamed this planet and been working hard for a long time; so as a species we already know how to do hard work when it is necessary. However, what’s newer on the human scene is the mental and psychological laws that either get us to believe that we can do something of believe that we can’t do something. So what are these additional laws and how do we harness their power? These mental and psychological laws are the Law of Belief, the Law of Expectations, and the Law of Attraction according to Brain Tracy, the author of, The Psychology of Achievement.
In the Law of Belief we are constantly screening our thoughts and environment and subsequently allowing in some information, while not allowing in other information. Sadly, we mistakenly keep out some empowering information in order to make space for some false dis-empowering information. Unfortunately, this false dis-empowering information strengthens those limiting beliefs of ours that often create our less than optimal reality.
With the Law of Expectations we often find that we get what we expect, as well as, what other people expect. This programing starts when we are just kids. Our well-meaning parents, coaches, and teachers are constantly saying “No” to us and “Be careful.” Thus, we learn to expect less of our little selves in this big scary world. However, we can still stand taller and see further on that horizon if we change our expectations of ourselves by re-programing ourselves for bigger and better things. In order to optimize our re-programming we should also include the expectations that people who look up to us have us. Are we going to let our younger siblings, our peers, or team, our co-workers, or even our own children down?
Next, the Law of Attraction basically states that our dominant thought patterns attract what we presently have in our lives. If we control our thoughts and create a persistent positive mental attitude, feelings, and expectations, even if we have to fake it a little bit in the beginning, we can indeed get ourselves to believe that our life is full of positives. These positives will in turn attract other positives, such as, positive people and positive things. This sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? And it sounds very doable too, right?

So here it is finally being wrapped up in a three part series of how you can improve your life through the psychology of achievement through following a few of the methods of achieves and the unwritten laws of success. Follow these laws and follow Brian Tracy and you’ll sure to achieve more in your life.

Daniel Blanchard is an award-winning author, speaker, and educator who wrote the Granddaddy's Secrets teen leadership book series. To learn more about Dan please visit his website at:


  1. Dan, I thoroughly enjoy your posts. Brian Tracy is one of my favorites. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi Dan, I enjoyed all 3 parts. So true about our early programming as children.

  3. Dan,
    Thank you for sharing such great content. It was today's daily dose of motivation for me.