Sunday, May 24, 2015

Move your Game to the Next Level

 Many of us graduate from college or graduate school and believe that our education is over. However, this is really the time when your education is just beginning. Regardless of your profession or occupation there is always so much more that you can learn especially from experts in your field or occupation. There are many opportunities to learn more about your trade or profession.  As a personal injury lawyer I am constantly looking for ways to improve the quality of services that I provide to my clients and I have found a way to do this on a very consistent basis. In fact, the knowledge, information and training that I receive from this particular method is nothing short of extraordinary.

I recently returned from the Harvard Law School where I attended a symposium on teaching negotiation. This daylong seminar featured some of the greatest negotiators on the planet and I attended a lecture given by a social scientist who teaches at the Harvard Business School who currently has the second most viewed Ted Talk. I shall return to this subject in a moment. This is the third time that I have been to the Harvard Law School and attended classes there where I have been taught by some of the greatest experts in the field of negotiation, mediation and alternative dispute resolution.

I feel that I have an obligation to my clients to constantly look at ways to better my craft so I can provide them with better services. In addition to seminars at the Harvard Law School, I have attended other classes throughout the country and even the world. What could you learn from the experts in your field that would benefit the way that you could provide products or services to your customers or clients? What workshops, seminars or conferences are being held that you could attend to gain an advantage over your competitors? These are things that you should think long and hard about and research because you will learn so much from experts in your industry.
In addition to a lot of great information that I learned in my past symposium, one of the greatest takeaways was listening to Amy Cuddy. One of Dr. Cuddy's areas of specialization and expertise is body language. During her hour-long presentation she gave specific examples about how your physical body can change your chemistry in such a way that you will reduce the amount of anxiety that you experience and increase the amount of confidence that you will exude. The techniques that she taught were nothing short of astonishing. The subconscious effect that these teachings can have upon others might provide you with an advantage that few people will know about or understand.

I would strongly suggest that you take the time to watch her Ted Talk which can be found at . More than 26 million people have viewed this video so I would suggest that she might be onto something.  I believe we all have an obligation to constantly expand our horizons and to grow as individuals. There are few better ways than by attending educational workshops and seminars that teach specialized information about your particular occupation. Please consider how you can take advantage of the many opportunities that there are out there where you can learn and grow and become better at what you do.

Remember that the end of your formal education really starts the beginning of your ongoing life's education. Take advantage of every opportunity so you can grow and become a better practitioner for your clients and customers. You can also feature these learning experiences as press releases and blog posts to let the consuming public know about your ongoing education, training and experience which differentiates you from your competitors.  You will also have the opportunity to meet some very remarkable people who you can keep in contact with and learn from. It is truly a win-win situation.

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  1. Richard:
    Great points. I am amazed though when I work with sales people and ask what book or books they are reading about selling, I get blank stares. No wonder most of their conversations are on price and price alone.
    Thanks for the great post.
    Al Luoma