Monday, September 29, 2014

Publish Your Words Like a Pro

Hello! My name is Valerie Utton and I have one of the best jobs in the world. I help people transform their knowledge, ideas, and/or expertise into words on a page so they can be shared with the rest of the world. It could be in any written format, including books in print, Kindle, eBooks, PDFs, blog posts, special reports, website copy, etc.

I’ve always been a writer, and I’ve always loved editing; but it wasn’t until I started content editing a few years ago that I felt like I’d found a place to call home. Content editing is more involved than traditional copy editing. I don’t just check for punctuation, grammar, and sentence structure. I make sure an author’s work (whether it’s fiction or non-fiction) has both structure and continuity, that it flows, and that it reads logically and easily regardless of how complicated the topic is. If an author has trouble writing, I coach them and their skills. If asked, I can do the writing too.

I also help by making sure all the necessary information is there. It’s a funny thing, but sometimes when people write, they think they’ve said everything when they haven’t. Sometimes things get left out because the author believes their reader already has all the necessary prerequisite information. Other times it’s because an author knows their topic so well that they don’t realize they’ve skipped over ideas, thoughts, and information a reader needs to make sense of what they’re reading. Either way, I make sure it’s all there—every piece of information a reader needs to enjoy their journey with the author.

The background I bring to the table is diverse. I have a Masters in Education, worked 20 years in Social Services, was a Certified Professional Tennis Instructor for 20 years, authored the book Letters of Apology, and have been a life coach, a speaker, and a workshop instructor.

I love content editing, and I love working with people who are ready to take the plunge and start getting their words down on the page to teach, to share, or to entertain. If you have questions, or are trying to figure out how to start getting your words down on paper (or keyboard) I’d be happy to help. You can email me at, and you can read my blog posts on the 29th of each month.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Make Everyday a Great Selling Day!

Hello! My name is Alan Luoma and I'll be posting my blog on the 28th of each month. My experience spans over thirty five years in sales, sales management, and sales training. I have a passion for sharing my sales and management expertise with business people searching for methods, strategies, and tools for achieving their sales goals. My mission is to help struggling sales professionals figure out why their sales numbers are down, or why they aren't securing new business, or why they're having a hard time building and maintaining relationships with valued customers.

Over the years, it’s been my experience that a majority of sales people haven't grasped the value of improving their skills, reading books on selling, or asking other people for suggestions and advice on how to be the best they can be. They continue to get by, but haven't realized that an investment in themselves is an investment in their future as well.

But I understand where they're coming from because when I started out, I didn't think along those lines either. I had a limited education, no direction, and worse yet, no real motivation. I wasn't named most likely to succeed in high school because I wasn't there mentally—or physically. On high school graduation day, I was a Marine, sitting in a bunker, in Vietnam.

After I ended my enlistment with the Marine Corps I earned a degree from Fitchburg University and became a teacher for three years. I then changed careers into industrial sales. Once I'd found my motivation and realized I had a talent for sales, I started taking sales and management courses. But I didn't stop there; I kept reading books on the art of sales, attended seminars, and continued to work on my skills so I could become the best professional sales person I could be. As a result, I was able to develop and secure accounts of all sizes that remained my loyal customers over the years. 

Now I use my personal history of exceptional success in sales to train and coach sales people on industrial sales, selling to direct end users, national accounts, small businesses, and selling through distributor sales and manufacturing representative channels. 

I’ve helped sales people face hard truths, and I've worked with sales people one step away from being fired, and then watched them turn it around and become top sales professionals in their companies. We’re all Movers and Shakers here, and believe it not, that means we're all in sales too. I look forward to sharing what I've learned about sales and being a sales professional with you.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Why it pays to lighten up through laughter

   Hello to my fellow Marketers, Speakers, and Trainers ,  I am Trevor Smith, your 27th of the month Hartford Springfield Speakers Network Blogger. I am honored to be in this amazing blogging group of successful Entrepreneurs where I believe the main goal is to educate you or get you to "Think outside the box" to help you become a more successful you.

  I am a professional trainer, speaker, and facilitator who teaches people and organizations how to use humor and laughter to be more effective while having fun.  I am also a Business Improvisation trainer where I use the principles of improvisation as training tools to help employees reduce stress, improve communication, problem solving, team collaboration and create that spark that leads to a healthier and happier workplace. 

I have  delivered 200+ speaking and training sessions for over 3,000 people at more than 100 profit and for profit organizations, including Subway, Hampden  Bank Community Enterprises and Smith College. 

 I really passionate about the work that I do and  I “drop knowledge” on a number of topics including humor in the workplace, inspirational leadership, communicating confidently, team-building, creative problem-solving, enhanced productivity and employee engagement.  I really believe in the remarkable power of  laughter and fun in building a productive, engaged and loyal workforce. If you doubt that laughter and humor is good for organizations, a recent study by Fabio Sala in the Harvard Business Review states:  Lighthearted leaders earn more on average than their more sullen peers; lively entertaining workplaces develop more loyal employees and happier customers and employees who are considered humorous are more likely to get promoted, especially to senior positions. 

Through my company, I turn traditional thinking on its head  as I  to help people find success by tapping into their natural personality, leveraging their sense of humor and learning ways to be more successful in work and in everyday life.  I have been privileged to do this work and seeing first hand how the remarkable power of laughter and improvisation can  transform peoples lives.  

It has been a pleasure sharing my first  blog with you.  In future blogs, I will share some tips with you on how developing a fun and productive work environment can help your bottom line and produce great results.  How cool is that!     

Trevor Smith
(413) 204-8308

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Hold Yourself in High Regard

Hello to my fellow Marketers, Speakers, Trainers and upcoming business owners that are about to make the leap. I am John P. Slosek, Jr. your 25th of the month Hartford Springfield Speaker Bureau Blogger. I am honored to be in this blogging lineup of successful individuals where I believe the main goal is to INSPIRE you or lite that flame inside of you to stretch outside of yourself and reach for that change you have always desired.

When I filled out my Gmail/Google profile I went through my employment history. I mean my entire life history of employment. My wife asked: "Why did you do that?" And I replied honestly: "I don't know" But though to myself that I probably only filled out two job applications in my life and that was over 30 years ago. It was like taking a trip down memory lane. My first job was at the Flaming Pit Restaurant in the Eastfield Mall in Springfield, Massachusetts in 1975.

I started at the whooping rate of $2.35 per hour for 30 plus hours a week as a dishwasher. My manager set the seed of greatness in me because he would basically tell me I was worthless everyday I worked with him and all I would ever be in life is a dishwasher. After about 3 months of hearing nothing but negative chatter from my Manager I decided to leave his employment.

I always had a higher level of thinking about who I was as person. I will mark this as "Golden Nugget No.1" Always hold yourself in high regard no mater what. When I am asked what is the biggest mistake people make heading into business, a career, or just making a life change my answer is always the same. "The average person does have the right level of confidence within themselves". I have offered sales opportunities to individuals over the years that could have changed their lives and the lives of their family. But no, they needed to get an opinion from someone else such as their uncle, a neighbor or a friend. Most of the time these so-called experts talked them out of a tremendous opportunity.

How do you create a higher level of thinking about yourself? First, write a resume of who you have been in the last 10 years. Where you have worked, money you have made, places in the world you have seen, most memorable times and least memorable times. Then read your ten year history to your self. You will either be pleased or displeased. The next step is to write your resume for the next 10 years. Visualize your future, everything you want to be, try, see and experience. You have the capability to change your life TODAY! What steps will you take to get there? Second, if you have identified your weakness as low self esteem, read a book or two a month on self confidence, attend a seminars that promotes self confidence and hang out with people who radiate self confidence. It will rub off on you.

Thirdly, and my last point, is don't be afraid to leave your circle of friends or a circle of influence that could be holding you back. There are two prices we will pay throughout our lives and that is the "price of discipline or the price of regret". The choice is up to you. In a future blog I will tell the story of how I lost the friendship of my grammar school best friend. This is a story that could have held me back if I listened to the negative chatter. But I didn't, I always had a higher level of thinking about who I was and where I was going.

It has been an honor to share my thoughts with you on this month's blog. I will look forward to next month when I share "Golden Nugget No.2"
Until then enjoy the ride!
413-246-5037 Text only

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Richard P. Hastings - Connecticut Personal Injury & Accident Attorney

Greetings All:

I am a Connecticut personal injury lawyer who has been practicing for over 30 years and have offices throughout the State of Connecticut. I am also a safety advocate who is actively involved in teen safe driving issues. I am a member of the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles Commissioner's Safe Teen Driving Committee where we are looking to develop national models to help prevent teen driving accidents. I also appear in the Connecticut DMV parent teen driving video, that is shown in driving schools throughout the state of Connecticut, where I talk about the parent teen driver agreement which I helped to draft along with my fellow committee members.

I have written 15 books, including an e-book which has been sold to personal injury lawyers across the country for as much as $799.99.  I have co-authored two books that have gone to number one on, one domestically and one internationally. I have produced over 150 videos, have published hundreds of articles and have 15 websites.  I have also published articles in the Connecticut Law Journal and the New York Trial Lawyers Association magazine. I have been named a New England Super Lawyer and a CT Super Lawyer, I have been recognized as one of the Top 100 Trial Lawyers in the State of Connecticut by the National Trial Lawyers, I have been named one of the 10 Best Personal Injury Lawyers in the state of Connecticut for client satisfaction by the American Institute of Personal Injury Attorneys.  I am a member of the Million Dollar Advocates Forum, I am AV preeminent rated by Martindale, I have a superb rating (10/10) by AVVO an online consumer rating service and have been named by numerous publications as a top lawyer and top attorney.


 I also have a business method patent pending on a system that teaches injury lawyers how to acquire new clients, educate the clients once they are received, and how to develop referral sources of business. I also teach attorneys across the country about how they can get their clients more money for their personal injury cases. I intend to provide the readers with valuable information about insurance coverage, accident prevention, how people can get more money for their accident and injury cases, inside information from insurance company adjusters, and marketing tips and techniques that we have used in our business to great success. I look forward to sharing and learning with all of you.


To learn more about our firm please visit

Monday, September 22, 2014

It's Time To Make Room For Clarity!

Hello Fellow Entrepreneurs!

How would you like to be more focused, more engaged, and more satisfied in your business? Well, on the 30th of each month, we’ll take a step back from our crazy day and get you “locked” into your passion, with solutions on this blog.

My name is Rick Woods. As a Professional Organizer, I help my clients “Make Room For Clarity”, by helping them get rid of the clutter that gets in their way. In this blog, we will go way beyond the physical clutter that sits in our office. We’ll also tap into the mental clutter that is holding us back from achieving greatness.

After working in the retail corporate industry for over 12 years, I decided to make a change. Too much travel and last minute marathon demands, became the “clutter” in my life. My wife and kids were home and I was constantly on the road. So I left that corporate world, focused on my family, and researched the Professional Organizing industry. After creating my company, The Functional Organizer, LLC, and building my client base, I joined many organizations: The National Association of Professional Organizers, Toastmasters, BNI, Various Chamber Events, and The Hartford Springfield Speakers Network. It was through these organizations, that I made connections with other hungry like-minded entrepreneurs.

I regularly appear on a daily local network television program called "Mass Appeal", providing tips to viewers on how to get more organized.

In addition to working with residential and business clients, I have also recently launched a podcast titled “Make Room For Clarity”. Each episode is available for free download in the iTunes store. This podcast dives into issues that effect our everyday lives at home and at work. Issues that go way beyond organizing. Recently published topics include Overeating Addiction, Clutter in our Communication, Corporate Clutter, and Organizing Kids for School. Future topics will cover Menu Planning, Toxic Hazards in our homes, and Suicide Prevention. The show focuses on helping you turn your negatives into positives, by getting rid of the clutter that gets in your way.  In the Fall, I will be releasing my new book titled, "Make Room For Clarity", which will focus on removing the overconsumption of stuff in our lives. I'll show you how to take control of your physical clutter and provide solutions on gaining clarity.

To learn more about my professional organizing services and the free iTunes podcast, visit and

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Daniel Blanchard

 Hello fellow Shakers and Movers, and welcome blog readers! My name is Daniel Blanchard and I am an award-winning author, speaker, and educator. I have been an inner city school teacher and coach for more than two decades and I have written the Granddaddy’s Secrets teen leadership book series. In addition, I also write four weekly newspaper columns. I speak on teen leadership, what is possible, and working with difficult teens. I have done a myriad of radio, television, magazine, and newspaper interviews. Finally, I was picked as one of ten people to be featured in January Jones’ new book, “Priceless Personalities” as well as Bill Corbett’s new book, “The Expert Guide to TEENAGERS”.
My future post will have valuable information on building your business and brand through building yourself from the inside out. You see, all success starts on the inside of your mind and body. Thus, I will share with you great content and great ideas to get you thinking about what is possible, and even more important, how to get yourself to do the things that you should do in order to live your dreams. I’m looking forward to spending some time with you.

For more great leadership tips from Daniel Blanchard the award-winning author, speaker, and educator, please visit Dan’s website and blog/vlog at: Thanks. 

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Success and Happiness? Yes, You Can!

Linda Spevacek - Coach, Speaker, Author

Hello Readers,
My name is Linda Spevacek and I have the pleasure of sharing success tips with you on the 20th of each month. I am a speaker, coach, and author with a background in the high-intensity world of investments and dealmaking. My specialty is teaching entrepreneurs, as well as leaders seeking to move up within a company, how to achieve prosperity in every sense of the word: business success, joy in your relationships, personal fulfillment and peace of mind.

If there is one thing I've learned along this journey of striving to achieve and be the best at what you do, it is that our business lives and our personal lives are inseparably intertwined. The good news is that you need never sacrifice one over the other: having success and happiness together is not only possible, it is essential! [That is your tip for today ;-)]

I loved every minute of my high-powered corporate career, until meetings and policies and reporting took all the fun out of actually doing business! And with two young children, a husband, a house, and a desire to have more time for community activities, friends and yes, I'll say it - tennis and skiing - I hired a personal coach to help me set up a business lifestyle that worked for me. I received my own coaching certification, hung out a shingle, and never looked back.

Speaking topics include Become the CEO of Your Life, Get Your S.P.A.R.K, and Life Balance for the Real World: "How I Managed to Run a Business, Celebrate 30 Years of Wedded Bliss, Serve as an Elected Official, Get My College Kid Out of the House for the 5th Time, and Write a Book With 7 Other Women, Without Losing My Mind!" Individual and corporate trainings focus on leadership development, business building based on your expertise, and strengthening your success mindset, to name a few. Please visit for more information and many more success tips. See you next month!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Hello Fellow Speakers and Entreprenuers!  It is a pleasure to have the privilege of sharing some information about myself and what I will write about in future blogs.  Today is Tuesday Sept 16th

Bill: Yale University's Woolsley Hall
My name is Bill Miranda and I have been blessed with a long and varied work background that has seen the likes of both one person start-ups, right up to Fortune 500 companies.  My career has helped me to understand, define and develop World Class Customer Service organizations, Marketing Strategies, and of course Dynamic Sales Strategies and Tactics. 

After a successful career in “corporate America”, my wife and I decided (she was 6 months pregnant at the time) that it was in our best interests for me to quit my job and start a sales representative  business.  Selling was my strength, and it seemed prudent to work for myself and my growing family.  Afterall, how hard could it be? 
Since this is a blog and not a book, I can’t begin to tell the tale of the ups and downs, the starts and stops, the successes and failures that were seen on this journey.  I can’t effectively explain here (you should see me live though!) how the periodic desire to “move on”, to do something else met with the stubborn drive and willingness to keep “fighting the fight” and not to succumb to the challenges that are thrown at each and every one of us by everyday life.

I have prospered thru strong market growth, and survived the cataclysmic decline during our most recent “economic recession/depression” . . .whatever it is the politicians are calling it!
At the end of the day, there are 3 things that drive me: 1) my family: my wife of 27 years, and my 3 children (including college age twins),  2) the burning desire to excel and be known and respected as one of the best at my trade, and 3) sharing my success with others by communicating  the lessons learned while navigating the constantly changing business climate. 

An accomplished and award winning speaker, I am currently writing my first book.  As a dynamic and entertaining speaker, I utilize a combination of stories and anecdotes to motivate and inspire my audience to take action.  Sharing a story is one thing, sharing the “spark” to approach life differently is something else.

Graduate of Fairfield University (B.S. Management), and Sacred Heart University (M.B.A. Marketing).   Graduate of the Dale Carnegie Course and countless other training and leadership programs.

Please email me for more information, and a free telephone consultation

Next Month:  “Developing World Class Customer Service”

Monday, September 15, 2014

Grow Your Business!

Ann Meacham
Hello Small Business Owners and Leaders,

I am your blogger for the 15th of each month.  It is exciting to be a member of this cutting edge group and to be able to share a few insights that you can use to grow your business.

Leadership is a fundamental component of success regardless of the size of the business. And, in today’s competitive business environment, people who aren’t sure of how to confidently lead employees, co-workers, clients—or even themselves towards their goals will struggle with the negative effect it can have on both economic and individual results.

I have been working with business owners and executives for over 16 years, helping them develop and deploy their leadership skills to strategically grow their businesses. I focus on developing powerful leaders, building high-performance teams, managing organizations, and increasing profits.

Throughout my career I have worked with privately held companies, nonprofits, and government agencies. Through my coaching and guidance, many of my clients have experienced a 20% growth in revenues in the short term; and as high as 200% over 3-4 years.
Setting a vision and Success Indicators
“Business owners and Executives are key because they influence the well-being of an organization more than anyone else. If a company is making or losing money, it can usually be traced back to the quality of leadership utilized by the people in charge.”      
Are you making or losing money for your company?

Find out more about me at:                          

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Exciting things to come

Hello Fellow Speakers.
As your blogger on the 14th of each month, I look forward to the opportunity to provide you with valuable information to help you build a more successful and fulfilling life and business. 

My posts will include information on managing your speaking business, marketing, writing a business plan, organization and much more. 

Here’s a little about who I am and my qualifications to speak on this topic. 

After building a business from scratch while a single parent with no other source of income and only $2,000 to my name, to approx. $200 million in assets under management, in 2007 I sold my practice and became a national professional speaker, business coach and award-winning author. I help business owners in a variety of industries all over the country, do a better job for their clients and improve their bottom line. I also help individuals live more successful, fulfilling lives and realize their dreams. 

I have appeared in USA Today, Money Magazine and Playboy Magazine and presented to Pfizer, General Dynamics, Dow Chemical, Metrocast and many other major employers. I have been a speaker for the US Navy and US Coast Guard as well as a guest on several television and radio shows. 

My first book “Above All Else, Success in Life and Business” was published in 2012. My second book “A Realtor’s Guide to Greater Success” was published in 2014.

You can learn more about me at: