Saturday, September 13, 2014

A Blog for Entrepreneurs - Meet Bill Corbett

bill corbett, love limits lessons, parent coach, parenting expert
Hello fellow Movers & Shakers and welcome blog readers. I am an author, entrepreneur, coach and professional speaker. I’m also the person pulling together this collective blog of incredible professionals who will add their spin and expertise to help other entrepreneurs and marketers grow their brand. To start out this first month, I will ask each of our bloggers to use their first post to introduce themselves. They are also always welcome to promote their brand, their services and their products.

Each post will contain a message that will provide assistance to other business professional with something the blogger learned along their journey. The post can offer advice, tell a story, provide a methodology, relate an incident, lay out a testimony, outline a new process, share an idea or just be a rant about something they experienced. Each post should offer some sort of expertise or experience to help other professionals build their business or their brand.

So who am I? I’m a parenting expert and a behavior
bill corbett, parenting class, love limits lessons
specialist by trade. I’m the author of the award-winning book Love, Limits & Lessons: A Parent’s Guideto Raising Cooperative Kids, and creator of the parent education program by the same name. I’m also the producer and host of two television shows, Creating Cooperative Kids and From the Soapbox to the Stage. After spending 30 years working in corporate IT, earning a good salary and hating every day of going to the office, I decided to follow my dream of working for myself full time, helping adults better understand their children and teens. With an advanced degree in clinical psychology, I started my parenting business back in 1995 but ran it part time, off to the side.

As a serial entrepreneur, my parenting business was the last of several businesses I built, all while working full time. And it was this parenting business that gave me the greatest joy and sense of satisfaction. I finally knew that this one would eventually bring in the kind of money I really wanted to earn, and the joy of loving what I do full time. It has been a wonderful journey and one that I’ll travel for the remainder of my enjoyable time on this earth.

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I’ve been running my parenting business full time for five years now and it continues to grow. I created the Hartford Springfield Speakers Network so that I could hang out with other area Movers & Shakers and this group continues to grow, full of some of the most talented and energetic professionals in Southern New England. I hope you will subscribe to our blog and get ready to learn more then you ever expected from this top-shelf group of professional entrepreneurs and marketers. Please let us know how we can help you and please consider attending one of our meetings in Enfield for FREE!

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  1. Hi Bill. Great First Post! Looking forward to meeting the other fellow bloggers.

  2. Thanks for your reply Pete. Looking forward to your posts!

  3. I'm looking forward to reading your posts, Bill.

  4. Bill,
    I appreciate your vision and leadership for both this blog and especially for founding the Hartford Springfield Speakers Network. Great to keep learning and growing with you! Thanks so much.

  5. Appreciate your comments Rick and Alain! Thank you for your participation. Stats are showing that our visitors (outside of HSSN members) is growing. Many coming from overseas.