Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Hello Fellow Speakers and Entreprenuers!  It is a pleasure to have the privilege of sharing some information about myself and what I will write about in future blogs.  Today is Tuesday Sept 16th

Bill: Yale University's Woolsley Hall
My name is Bill Miranda and I have been blessed with a long and varied work background that has seen the likes of both one person start-ups, right up to Fortune 500 companies.  My career has helped me to understand, define and develop World Class Customer Service organizations, Marketing Strategies, and of course Dynamic Sales Strategies and Tactics. 

After a successful career in “corporate America”, my wife and I decided (she was 6 months pregnant at the time) that it was in our best interests for me to quit my job and start a sales representative  business.  Selling was my strength, and it seemed prudent to work for myself and my growing family.  Afterall, how hard could it be? 
Since this is a blog and not a book, I can’t begin to tell the tale of the ups and downs, the starts and stops, the successes and failures that were seen on this journey.  I can’t effectively explain here (you should see me live though!) how the periodic desire to “move on”, to do something else met with the stubborn drive and willingness to keep “fighting the fight” and not to succumb to the challenges that are thrown at each and every one of us by everyday life.

I have prospered thru strong market growth, and survived the cataclysmic decline during our most recent “economic recession/depression” . . .whatever it is the politicians are calling it!
At the end of the day, there are 3 things that drive me: 1) my family: my wife of 27 years, and my 3 children (including college age twins),  2) the burning desire to excel and be known and respected as one of the best at my trade, and 3) sharing my success with others by communicating  the lessons learned while navigating the constantly changing business climate. 

An accomplished and award winning speaker, I am currently writing my first book.  As a dynamic and entertaining speaker, I utilize a combination of stories and anecdotes to motivate and inspire my audience to take action.  Sharing a story is one thing, sharing the “spark” to approach life differently is something else.

Graduate of Fairfield University (B.S. Management), and Sacred Heart University (M.B.A. Marketing).   Graduate of the Dale Carnegie Course and countless other training and leadership programs.

Please email me for more information, and a free telephone consultation 

Next Month:  “Developing World Class Customer Service”


  1. I'm looking forward to reading your posts, Bill.

  2. Thanks for sharing Bill. Very impressed with all that you have done.

  3. Looking forward to the World class customer service post, should be fun.