Sunday, September 28, 2014

Make Everyday a Great Selling Day!

Hello! My name is Alan Luoma and I'll be posting my blog on the 28th of each month. My experience spans over thirty five years in sales, sales management, and sales training. I have a passion for sharing my sales and management expertise with business people searching for methods, strategies, and tools for achieving their sales goals. My mission is to help struggling sales professionals figure out why their sales numbers are down, or why they aren't securing new business, or why they're having a hard time building and maintaining relationships with valued customers.

Over the years, it’s been my experience that a majority of sales people haven't grasped the value of improving their skills, reading books on selling, or asking other people for suggestions and advice on how to be the best they can be. They continue to get by, but haven't realized that an investment in themselves is an investment in their future as well.

But I understand where they're coming from because when I started out, I didn't think along those lines either. I had a limited education, no direction, and worse yet, no real motivation. I wasn't named most likely to succeed in high school because I wasn't there mentally—or physically. On high school graduation day, I was a Marine, sitting in a bunker, in Vietnam.

After I ended my enlistment with the Marine Corps I earned a degree from Fitchburg University and became a teacher for three years. I then changed careers into industrial sales. Once I'd found my motivation and realized I had a talent for sales, I started taking sales and management courses. But I didn't stop there; I kept reading books on the art of sales, attended seminars, and continued to work on my skills so I could become the best professional sales person I could be. As a result, I was able to develop and secure accounts of all sizes that remained my loyal customers over the years. 

Now I use my personal history of exceptional success in sales to train and coach sales people on industrial sales, selling to direct end users, national accounts, small businesses, and selling through distributor sales and manufacturing representative channels. 

I’ve helped sales people face hard truths, and I've worked with sales people one step away from being fired, and then watched them turn it around and become top sales professionals in their companies. We’re all Movers and Shakers here, and believe it not, that means we're all in sales too. I look forward to sharing what I've learned about sales and being a sales professional with you.


  1. We all need to keep sharpening our selling skills all the time, Alan! I look forward to your pearls of wisdom on the subject!

  2. Alan, I look forward to reading your blogs - it is all about continuously educating and improving ourselves to be able to help others! Just as an organization that is status quo - if you are not moving forward - you are falling behind!

  3. Alan, You have much to offer and have such wisdom! Looking forward to reading your blog!