Saturday, September 27, 2014

Why it pays to lighten up through laughter

   Hello to my fellow Marketers, Speakers, and Trainers ,  I am Trevor Smith, your 27th of the month Hartford Springfield Speakers Network Blogger. I am honored to be in this amazing blogging group of successful Entrepreneurs where I believe the main goal is to educate you or get you to "Think outside the box" to help you become a more successful you.

  I am a professional trainer, speaker, and facilitator who teaches people and organizations how to use humor and laughter to be more effective while having fun.  I am also a Business Improvisation trainer where I use the principles of improvisation as training tools to help employees reduce stress, improve communication, problem solving, team collaboration and create that spark that leads to a healthier and happier workplace. 

I have  delivered 200+ speaking and training sessions for over 3,000 people at more than 100 profit and for profit organizations, including Subway, Hampden  Bank Community Enterprises and Smith College. 

 I really passionate about the work that I do and  I “drop knowledge” on a number of topics including humor in the workplace, inspirational leadership, communicating confidently, team-building, creative problem-solving, enhanced productivity and employee engagement.  I really believe in the remarkable power of  laughter and fun in building a productive, engaged and loyal workforce. If you doubt that laughter and humor is good for organizations, a recent study by Fabio Sala in the Harvard Business Review states:  Lighthearted leaders earn more on average than their more sullen peers; lively entertaining workplaces develop more loyal employees and happier customers and employees who are considered humorous are more likely to get promoted, especially to senior positions. 

Through my company, I turn traditional thinking on its head  as I  to help people find success by tapping into their natural personality, leveraging their sense of humor and learning ways to be more successful in work and in everyday life.  I have been privileged to do this work and seeing first hand how the remarkable power of laughter and improvisation can  transform peoples lives.  

It has been a pleasure sharing my first  blog with you.  In future blogs, I will share some tips with you on how developing a fun and productive work environment can help your bottom line and produce great results.  How cool is that!     

Trevor Smith
(413) 204-8308

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  1. Humor is key to engagement in my field as well - Most people aren't overly enthused about ETIQUETTE, however I have found that my humor not only brings a smile, but an actual connection. Look forward to meeting at HSSN