Thursday, September 25, 2014

Hold Yourself in High Regard

Hello to my fellow Marketers, Speakers, Trainers and upcoming business owners that are about to make the leap. I am John P. Slosek, Jr. your 25th of the month Hartford Springfield Speaker Bureau Blogger. I am honored to be in this blogging lineup of successful individuals where I believe the main goal is to INSPIRE you or lite that flame inside of you to stretch outside of yourself and reach for that change you have always desired.

When I filled out my Gmail/Google profile I went through my employment history. I mean my entire life history of employment. My wife asked: "Why did you do that?" And I replied honestly: "I don't know" But though to myself that I probably only filled out two job applications in my life and that was over 30 years ago. It was like taking a trip down memory lane. My first job was at the Flaming Pit Restaurant in the Eastfield Mall in Springfield, Massachusetts in 1975.

I started at the whooping rate of $2.35 per hour for 30 plus hours a week as a dishwasher. My manager set the seed of greatness in me because he would basically tell me I was worthless everyday I worked with him and all I would ever be in life is a dishwasher. After about 3 months of hearing nothing but negative chatter from my Manager I decided to leave his employment.

I always had a higher level of thinking about who I was as person. I will mark this as "Golden Nugget No.1" Always hold yourself in high regard no mater what. When I am asked what is the biggest mistake people make heading into business, a career, or just making a life change my answer is always the same. "The average person does have the right level of confidence within themselves". I have offered sales opportunities to individuals over the years that could have changed their lives and the lives of their family. But no, they needed to get an opinion from someone else such as their uncle, a neighbor or a friend. Most of the time these so-called experts talked them out of a tremendous opportunity.

How do you create a higher level of thinking about yourself? First, write a resume of who you have been in the last 10 years. Where you have worked, money you have made, places in the world you have seen, most memorable times and least memorable times. Then read your ten year history to your self. You will either be pleased or displeased. The next step is to write your resume for the next 10 years. Visualize your future, everything you want to be, try, see and experience. You have the capability to change your life TODAY! What steps will you take to get there? Second, if you have identified your weakness as low self esteem, read a book or two a month on self confidence, attend a seminars that promotes self confidence and hang out with people who radiate self confidence. It will rub off on you.

Thirdly, and my last point, is don't be afraid to leave your circle of friends or a circle of influence that could be holding you back. There are two prices we will pay throughout our lives and that is the "price of discipline or the price of regret". The choice is up to you. In a future blog I will tell the story of how I lost the friendship of my grammar school best friend. This is a story that could have held me back if I listened to the negative chatter. But I didn't, I always had a higher level of thinking about who I was and where I was going.

It has been an honor to share my thoughts with you on this month's blog. I will look forward to next month when I share "Golden Nugget No.2"
Until then enjoy the ride!
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  1. A nice golden nugget of inspiration, John. I'm looking forward to your next post.

  2. John, a very relatable post! Almost everyone I come across can disclose a similar experience such as the one you experienced at the Flaming Pit as a dishwasher. Your third point really resonated with me - regarding the two prices we pay, the "price of discipline or the price of regret." So many internalize the negativity around them and don't realize they can break the cycle - that we always have a choice! Great post!