Sunday, September 21, 2014

Daniel Blanchard

 Hello fellow Shakers and Movers, and welcome blog readers! My name is Daniel Blanchard and I am an award-winning author, speaker, and educator. I have been an inner city school teacher and coach for more than two decades and I have written the Granddaddy’s Secrets teen leadership book series. In addition, I also write four weekly newspaper columns. I speak on teen leadership, what is possible, and working with difficult teens. I have done a myriad of radio, television, magazine, and newspaper interviews. Finally, I was picked as one of ten people to be featured in January Jones’ new book, “Priceless Personalities” as well as Bill Corbett’s new book, “The Expert Guide to TEENAGERS”.
My future post will have valuable information on building your business and brand through building yourself from the inside out. You see, all success starts on the inside of your mind and body. Thus, I will share with you great content and great ideas to get you thinking about what is possible, and even more important, how to get yourself to do the things that you should do in order to live your dreams. I’m looking forward to spending some time with you.

For more great leadership tips from Daniel Blanchard the award-winning author, speaker, and educator, please visit Dan’s website and blog/vlog at: Thanks. 


  1. I'm looking forward to reading your posts, Dan.

  2. Dan,
    Great learning more about you. Looking forward to learning from you. Thanks.

  3. Thanks Dan for sharing. I am really excited that you are part of the HSSN. Looking forward to connecting with you at the monthly meetings .