Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Your Key to Maintaining Balance between Life and Business

One key to maintaining balance can be determined by how you manage and schedule your time.  Having a “model week” can be extremely helpful in assuring you allocate the right amount of attention to each area.  Consider breaking your week down into three types of days: days to focus, buffer days and personal days.   Each type of day should be made up of about 80% of
your time.

For example:

  •         A day to focus means that you spend about 80% of your time doing only those tasks that actually bring income into the business. 
  •         A buffer day means you spend about 80% of your day managing the office, working with staff, doing prep work and any other work that is needed to enable you to be efficient on your focus and personal days.
  •        Personal days mean that at least 80% of your day is spent focused completely on your family, your own personal needs and your friends.  You do not take business calls, read a business publication, check e-mails or anything else to do with your work.  You are 100% present for your family, for yourself and for your friends. 

When you first set up this system you may need more buffer days until you become more efficient.  You should work toward mostly focus and personal days and a lot fewer buffer days.  This can happen when you are truly “present” for each type of day, you have less interruptions and become better at delegating. If you are not good at sticking to your model week, assign a staff person or request a family member or someone else to hold you accountable.

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