Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Business Etiquette - What you Don't Know CAN Hurt You

Business Etiquette - What you Don't Know CAN Hurt You

In honor of National Etiquette Week being celebrated this month from May 9 - 16th, I thought it fitting to discuss how Etiquette & Civility can assist everyone in their daily business interactions. 

Expanding upon the theory of First Impressions, knowing the protocols of introductions in business can make or break you.  Keep in mind the 5 S's of Introductions

Dining for Dollars and Deals can also be a very useful tool in business.  Knowing which fork to use, when to discuss business and the art of reciprocity often will make or break the business meal encounter.  As a reference, I have included a labeled diagram for future use during these meetings. Remember to use the utensils working from the outside in and of course the useful BMW rule BREAD (on left) MEAL (center) WATER (on right) can be helpful when dining at round tables and unsure of where your boundaries exist!

Expect more information in my blog in June when we enter National Business Etiquette Week Celebrations.

In the meantime, KEEP CALM and MIND YOUR MANNERS !

Karen A. Thomas

Certified Etiquette & Civility Consultant

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