Thursday, April 30, 2015

Step 5: Bringing it all Together

Now that the major steps are done, and from the outside it looks as if the launch of your dream is ready to go, I have found that many dreamers reach this point and the next anxiety, if not panic, appears.

I commonly hear, “I found one more book I need to read to be ready to go.”  “There is an expert coming into town that I need to hear before I am ready.” I just want to review everything again for the fiftieth time to know I really have it down, that I haven’t forgotten anything, that all the bases are covered, etc. etc. etc.”  Believe me, you will never have all the bases covered.

No matter how well you have prepared something shows up. As a speaker I have had the building literally lose all power just before my PowerPoint was to start. I have found that a new rule was instituted that morning that Thumb Drives could not be used due to a fear of viruses and thus I should have brought my laptop. I have had the conference itself running very late and so I was asked to make my 60 minute talk a 30 minute talk to help them get back on track.

The unexpected can always happen. Expect it. You breathe, step back a moment, go to Plan B, and then adjust. If you have truly done everything you could, you will learn far more from the experience. You will also learn that no matter what happens chances are high you will be fine. This is where humor, faith, and a good sense of self come into play.

You have dreamed it. You have claimed it. And you have focused on it, almost exclusively.  Now it is time to simply jump!!!!!! 

Dorothy A. Martin-Neville, PhD, is a motivational speaker, author, coach, and psychotherapist who has spent her career helping others, through humor and faith, claim their dreams, eliminate self-sabotage, and become everything they were meant to be.

She can be reached at:   860-543-5629   


  1. Yes!! Being yourself and building your confidence - crucial ingredients!
    Thank you for the great post. :-)