Saturday, April 25, 2015


Hello Speakers, Business Owners and Future Entrepreneurs,

Now that I am in my 50's my personality and persona has calmed down dramatically. I find that your true strength can be shown to others by remaining calm, cool and in control of attitude and actions in the face of great turmoil.
I once witnessed a confrontation with two men where I thought for sure there were going to be fists thrown. I believe it was over a parking space that was taken innocently. The man that was jilted out of his parking spot was speaking and yelling in a rage just inches away from the other man's face who had claimed the parking spot. 
The second man, when he responded, came across with a quiet tone and pleasant demeanor. He asked what I thought were some deflecting questions and alternatives to defuse the situation. After a few minutes the initial rage and insulting anger this man had started to diminish. A small crowd had gathered to watch this verbal barrage.
The second man offered to even give his spot up to the angry man. When this offer was presented the angry man became quiet (probably realizing how stupid he looked in front of everyone) and he walked away from the scene talking to himself. The situation was quelled!
Someone asked the calm man how did you hold your composure through it all?
He responded: "Sometimes you have to be like a refrigerator by keeping your real emotions frozen. Sure, I felt like hauling off at him a couple of times, however, the outcome would have ended in disaster. There would have been ambulances on scene or we would have been hand cuffed and jailed over what...., a parking spot. I figured I just have to make it through 5 minutes. I also figured when we parted company the chances of ever running into that man again were zero. So I decided to become a refrigerator".
As I think back on this story I wonder how many marriages, friendships and jobs have been lost because someone didn't turn on the refrigerator for 5 minutes and wade through the situation until it was defused. Honestly, I can tell you my refrigerator was turned off many times in the past. As I have learned the spoken word can act like a fiery spear or they can be words of kindness and love. Once you release those words you can never retrieve them. EVER.
Words can alter a destiny, it can change the way one looks at your character and it can leave a relationship in the dust or make it one they will write about in novels. So when you find yourself in a tense situation remember one thing. "TURN ON THE REFRIGERATOR"!

My best to you for this coming month.
          "Make It Successful"

The Author is John P. Slosek, Jr. He is an Insurance Agency Owner for over 30 years and a Radio Talk Show host for 15 years. He specializes in personal growth with mentality and money. He will speak to large or small groups and if available will fill in for last minute speaking cancellations.
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  1. Great post Jon! This is wisdom I wish I'd embraced in my 20's!

  2. Cool, calm and collective, right John?

    1. That's right Dan. However, there are still times where I must remind myself to be the refrigerator.