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What is the value of faith? The framework to outwit the devil

What is the value of faith? The framework to outwit the devil.
"Faith is the only sure power by which a wish may be translated
into a belief, and a belief into reality." - Napoleon Hill, Outwitting the Devil.

Many teach "fake it till you make it" and others teach you to "just to say it till it is true". 

While this has value, discovering the power of faith to transform your life, has more value.

I believe, the deliberate avoidance of the idea of faith, is a misguided attempt to avoid the discussion of a higher power.

This is why we get noncommittal PC terms like all the all knowing universe.

I have a confession. 

When entered the word of self improvement I begin to walk away from my belief in god. I learned to stop thinking in terms of right and wrong and instead of what works and what doesn't work.

I learned the power of language and how works we use shaped how we view the world and shape our future. And I also learned the power of self and how it was more powerful to change how I perceive the world and how I interacted with it. I also learned that I had chief defining purpose and when I discovered that something inside me changed.

I don't remember why it happened but one day, after discovering I have a chief defining purpose, opened up the bible. It opened up to the middle of Mathew and started reading. Mind you this is after landmark education, studied the power self, discover the transformation power of language, started to live my life with intention and purpose.

With a new understanding, I read wisdom that was before, hiding in plan sight.  This intrigues me modern self improvement is only 100 years old and yet I saw clear examples of these principles being explained in biblical parables nearly 2000 years old. 

This discovery also awaken my dormant spirituality.   

What is faith?

... faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.
Hebrews 11:1 KJV

Kids can have faith that they will go to Disney. You can have faith that your worthy of love. You have faith that you will make rent. You can have faith that there is a larger calling for you and your destined for greatness. And Thomas Edison had faith that he could develop the electric light even with his countless failed attempts.

Rephrased in modern language: Faith is just a that gut feeling that something this true while accepting there is here is little evidence to verify this feeling.

Rephrased in scientific language: Faith is like a Hypothesis, Belief is a Theory, and a Knowing is a Law.

Yes I am a really geeky coach.

When you act on faith. And your actions are based on faith. You will better deal with the ups and down of life because faith is more durable then belief. 

Why is this?

The idea of faith acknowledges and embraces the uncertainty of life.

I have faith that it will happen and I acknowledge that there will be adversity.

I am uncertain when it will happen I just have faith that it will.

I am unsure of the how it will reach my goals I just have faith that I will find away.

So what is the take away here? 
If Edison had stopped by merely wishing for the secret
with which electric energy might be harnessed and made to
serve through the incandescent lamp, that convenience to
civilization would have remained among nature's multifarious
secrets. He met with temporary defeat more than 10,000 times
before wresting this secret from nature. It was finally yielded
up to him because he believed it would be, and he kept on
trying until he had the answer. - Napoleon  Hill - Outwitting the Devil 

We can see from Thomas Edison's example that effort and work is the multiplier that gives faith its power. Had Edison just wished to invent eclectic light someone else, perhaps Nikola Tesla, would invented it instead.  Instead despite over 10,000 failures he kept working till it worked.

An that this is what makes faith so useful for your growth. There is an understanding that if you make investment of effort. It an understanding yes there will be challenges and adversity. And if you keep working to your goal through adversity you will be blessed.

My life has given me a unique perspective on health, happiness, and maximizing life into old age. It is my primary defining purpose to share my knowledge with you. I want you to learn from my mistakes and have a better life.

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