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Part II: Are Your Digestive Problems Depleting You of Energy?

Nutrition To Energize Your Life’s Work

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I have worked with many clients who don’t even realize that their digestive problems are zapping them of energy and hindering their joy and productivity. Some of them know that they have digestive problems and others are not even aware, but many do not put two and two together: that their digestive problems are stealing their energy. Why would the inability to properly digest foods impact your energy so much?

First and foremost, the digestive tract is responsible for breaking down the foods we eat into a form that can be used by the body. This is how we obtain nutrients to nourish all our body systems. You may have a perfect diet, but if you are unable to obtain the nutrients from the foods you are eating because you are not properly digesting them, then you are not getting properly nourished.

What causes digestive problems? The biggest culprit is STRESS! Stress will hinder your body’s ability to digest food. Other reasons such as food sensitivities and toxicity will be discussed in the upcoming posts on the 12th of each month.

Here are 7 Nutritional Guidelines to Improving Digestion:

1.    Always relax when you eat. Relaxing puts your body in a state to produce the proper stomach acid and enzymes to properly digest your food.
2.    Chew your food well. The more your chew your food the less work your body has to do to break down the food into usable parts.
3.    Eat fruit first. Fruits digest very quickly while proteins and fats take much longer to digest. As a result, if fruit is combined with other foods it causes the fruit to ferment in the gut. Eat fruit alone or at least 20 minutes prior to a meal. This goes for sugar as well. I am not encouraging the consumption of sugar, but when it is eaten in moderation, it is best eaten away from protein and fats for optimal digestion.
4.    Eat raw vegetables at the end of the meal. Raw vegetables contain live enzymes which assist the body in digesting food.
5.    Eat fermented foods. This provides beneficial bacteria for the health of the digestive tract. Slowly introduce these into the diet to minimize a detox response. Examples of healthy fermented foods are whole plain organic yogurt, kombucha, and fermented vegetables.
6.    Eat slowly and never stuff yourself. Your body can only process so much food at one time.
7.    Reduce/Eliminate Stress. Since stress hinders digestion it’s important to work on reducing stress in your life. Include daily activities that help you to reduce the stress on your body. Examples may include prayer, meditation, exercise, massage, and nature walks. This will do a world of good for your digestive tract and your mind.

You've probably heard this before but the truth is: Your Health Begins in Your Digestive Tract! If you are lacking energy take a look at the guidelines above and begin incorporating them into your daily life to optimize digestion and ENERGY!

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Nancy Rose is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner who has spent her life studying nutrition, health, and fitness in order to heal her own body physically and mentally.  She is a speaker who wants to share her life’s journey in hopes of helping others find true health as she has.  She offers Nutrition Seminars on Metabolism, Hormone Balance, Mental Health, Digestion, and Detoxification. To contact Nancy for more information on her services go to

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