Thursday, April 2, 2015

SpeakNaked....and watch your feet.

Your feet will tell what you're thinking.

When Speaking 
Check what your feet are doing.

We are taught to control our body language 
but we often forget to watch 
what our feet are saying 

Our feet will tell our inner feelings.

Where our interest lies and
 even how confident we are.

Here are some suggestions for your
 Foot Body language  

A Good Foot Position 
Feet Straight Ahead & Apart 

I've got the power
You are important to me

This shows that you are giving your 

 Full attention
and you are 

Not so Good Positions are 

Feet Straight Ahead but Close Together

If I stay still they wont see me

Ah Um...I'm not sure

 This shows that you are giving only 
Partial Attention
 and you are a little

Standing with Legs Crossed 

I've just given up all of my power
I am totally sure...NOT !

This shows that you are giving only 
 Partial  Attention
 and you are

Very Nervous

One Foot pointed Away

First chance,  I'm outa here.
Guess which way I'm going next.

This shows that you are giving only 
Some Attention
And you are 
Looking for 
an Escape   

If Both Feet are Pointed Away

In your dreams, baby.

I'll be right back...yea right.

What do you think?
No Attention


Watch your feet when ever you speak 
and even more when you are listening.
It will make a world of difference to your audience. 

Guess which way my feet are pointing.
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