Thursday, April 9, 2015

My winter blues

There I was, fearing and dreading another winter, knowing that the next three months would be non stop dealing with sinusitis, congestion, exhaustion and worst of all FOGGY brain.

Every winter I was stuck inside breathing this dusty dry air, knowing that antibiotics would be my best friend.

On my journey of discovering "all things healthy" a friend suggested I take a Bowen class. Then the most amazing thing happened....after receiving a few Bowen treatments during the classes, my sinuses cleared up and I was able to focus!

Not only did my sinuses clear but suddenly I was sleeping deeper and had more energy than I had had in years.

The one thing that I dreaded from October to May was gone! My sinuses were clear!

My health is now better that ever before and my days are filled with energy and enthusiasm! You can have this same transformation and success story. What do you dread each year? What is in the way of you having more energy and enthusiasm?

Since that first class I am proud to say that  I am now a Bowen Practitioner and I have continued my studies, learning Emotional Freedom Technique (or Tapping). I am very excited to bring these 2 powerful cutting edge techniques to you and create transformation for you.

Call for your free consultation to find out how you can start your chronically happy enthusiastic life!

Jacqueline Kane

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