Friday, November 21, 2014

You Have An Inspiring Speakers' Gene, Are You Developing It?

Imagine, you're at an airport on layover flying home after speaking in front of 1,500 people for the first time in your life wondering if you had an impact on anyone in the audience.

After 17 years as a business professional having given hundreds of presentations in front of audiences no larger than 100 at local civic groups, I had developed a belief that great speakers are born and not made.

And, I was certainly one of those missing the "inspiring speaker gene."

Then, killing time at the gate in Terminal C at the Detroit Airport I checked email.
Less than 12 hours after leaving the stage, there was a Google Alert with my name attached to a news item.

I clicked the link to see an article by a blogger who was in the audience.

Below is what I paraphrased from his article for a testimonial after we spoke about his experience with my presentation:

professional speaking testimonial for Skip Weisman by Mark Curtis
Maybe I did have that "inspiring speaker gene," after all?

Genes are like seeds, they need to be watered and cared for to blossom.

My "inspiring speaker” gene just needed to be nurtured.

But, it took inspiration from outside myself to help fulfill my aspirations as a professional speaker.

One day I was in an audience with 2,000 people watching and listening to the greatest speaker I had ever experienced.

He told us a story about how he was not a naturally born speaker and how he learned to become a dynamic presenter.

It inspired me to learn the craft of impactful, inspiring public presentations.

That was in 1998.

The speech Mark Curtis experienced was in 2009.

It took 11 years, but I got there.

Ever since, I've been inspired every time I step on the stage knowing I can impact people's lives.

Some let me know immediately, while others take what they've heard and apply it without sharing.

Either way I know I'm making a difference.

Do you? Would you like to?

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