Thursday, November 13, 2014

How to Find Your Next Prospect in Linkedin Junk Email

I’ve heard some call it junk email; I don’t. What I’m referring to are the email messages we receive that inform us of when our contacts get a new job, celebrate a birthday, or have a work anniversary. The sender is listed as LINKEDIN UPDATES and these messages arrive in our inboxes (sometimes) daily. In the beginning and like many busy professionals, I use to quickly delete them first, just to be able to see the important messages in my box. But then I realized how valuable they were to finding my prospects; it was like finding diamonds in the rough.

Recently, I opened this update from Linkedin (LI) to see if there was someone celebrating something that I could say congrats for (Linkedin provides a little tab that you can click to send a quick congrats). One person listed in the JOB CHANGES section was promoted into a position that made them an ideal prospect for me. I clicked on her name to see her profile and then clicked on the RELATIONSHIP tab so I could see if I had filled in the HOW YOU MET section; sure enough I did!

We had met several years ago at an event and had exchanged business cards. At the time, she was in a position that would have made her somewhat of a peer to me, but we didn’t stay in touch. The difference in our companies and our geographical region didn’t really create much reason to collaborate or to stay connected about. I do remember her commenting or LIKEing my updates and posts on LI from time to time.

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Reading through her profile, I was able to confirm her promotion and read more about her new position. She was now the ideal professional who could potentially hire me for my services or purchase my products. I quickly clicked the SEND A MESSAGE button and drafted a message to her, congratulating her in her new position. I also reminded her of my services and asked her to keep me in mind for future opportunities. In less than 30 minutes, I received a reply back from her, thanking me for my congratulatory wishes.

Then, a few days later it happened. I received an LI message back from her, telling me that she had a need for someone with my skills for a gig in Boston. After a few back and forth messages, I sent her a contract for some work that I will be doing for her company in the near future. Making time to open the LI message and congratulating her put me on her radar. 

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