Saturday, November 15, 2014

“Getting lots of sales is my #1 priority.”

Well . . . yes, after you have created a structure for fulfilling the orders and managing the business.  

Of course you need money to make money. Sales would provide that.  Please consider. . . it is very difficult to start a new business without enough resources to make it run.  Plan to invest or borrow enough so that you have a way to handle production and delivery.

Sylvia* is a chemist who is a miracle worker when it comes to creating formulas for wonderful skincare and massage products.  She had a small work space and equipment with limited capacity in which to produce her product.  And she did! 

Then she found clients who loved her products and wanted more. All of a sudden Sylvia could not deliver the products in a timely fashion and maintain the quality.  She was working night and day, was exhausted, and confused about how to make things better.
It took some time being coached for her finally to open to the answer.  Get organized.  Make a plan. Get help.  She now has two part-time people who help with sales, follow-up and manufacturing.  A larger facility, bigger equipment and an employee allow her to produce enough product for a whole month.

What a difference it has made in her business!  She can now better access her creative talents to develop special Holiday packages and new skin care products.  NOW she is prepared to sell, sell, sell and her revenues are about to triple!

Ann Meacham, president of Leadership Dynamics, positions CEOs and business
leaders to strategically grow their company and tilt the competitive odds in their favor.

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