Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The Hallway of Choices

A passage way seems to be in view at the end of this hallway. The passage way is a metaphor representing your chief definite aim in life, your ultimate goal or that "one thing" in life that you must have before you die. At the end of this hallway the "one thing" you seek awaits for you to show up.
There are hundreds of doors leading up to that passage to your goal. The doors on the left represent sacrifices, disciplines, hard work, commitment, integrity, good habits, good environments, pursuit of education and faith based decisions. The doors on the right represent no true life structure, bad habits, poor effort, lack of education, addictive natures, terrible environments, lack of faith, poor attitude and continued bad decisions. The right side correlates to a failure mindset and zero results outcome.
Our life is the sum of our choices and disciplines over the last year, last five years and last 10 years.
How would you sum up your life accomplishments in 2014, have you improved or have you suffered setbacks?
As you gaze down the hallway in the picture above, what is that "one thing" you want to accomplish in 2015? To accomplish great things you may have to leave old environments behind and eliminate bad habits that may be holding you back. You need to make the right decisions not just once and a while but all the time. If you have been in and out of the doors on the right side it is time to cross the hallway and start entering the doors on the left side. Start right now with setting a plan for yourself. Copy and paste this picture on your computer or journal and write that "one thing" you will pursue in 2015. SET OUT TO ACCOMPLISH THIS "ONE THING" NO MATTER WHAT!
The following is my Pattern for Successful Change.
This is "Golden Nugget #3" .
1. Purchase a Good Journal: Document your life progress everyday. Commit to 15 minutes of journalizing everyday. It should become your biography of change.
2. Define that "One Thing": Write it in your Journal. What is it that your going to attempt in 2015? What will make you truly happy so that you will enjoy this ride through life?
3. Leave the right side of the hallway mentioned above: In the month of January make a commitment to eliminate the worst habit you have in life. "Do not make this a New Years resolution! Make it your personal commitment to you!" If you're successful in eliminating the first bad habit, attack the next bad habit you have in the month of February. If you haven't eliminated your first one in January stay with it. In fact, if you only eliminate one bad habit in 2015 you should consider yourself a success.
4. Adopt Three Positive Attributes to your Life: Write these attributes in the front of your Journal so you see them everyday when your are journalizing your progress.
5. Read a book a month in 2015: Complete a book once a month that will assist you in attaining that "One Thing" you are in pursuit of.

I look forward to hearing about your positive metamorphosis in 2015.

John P. Slosek, Jr. 
30 years as a Sales Professional and Insurance Agency Owner. He is currently an Exclusive Agency Owner for Allstate in Chicopee, Massachusetts. (413-331-3900)johnslosekjr@allstate.com.

He is also the host of the "Insurance Coach Radio Show" which has been continuously running for 13 years. His efforts are directed to promote personal change. The show steers towards personal growth and common sense education for his listeners.His personal email:  Insurancecoach@aol.com.                                      
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  1. John, I loved this blog post! I felt a kinship to the writer. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Thank you Lucinda. You made my day. Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. We can all benefit from keeping a journal, John.