Saturday, November 22, 2014

Purpose Inspired Goals

If you could set and achieve one goal in your life, what would that goal be? 
Think it, feel it, believe it, know it.  Now write down that goal on a piece of paper.

When was the last time you thought about that question to the level of taking any action? 

Do you regularly set, achieve and celebrate your goals or do you start out with good intentions until your focus migrates back to the status quo?

 My life passion is helping business leaders and teams set and achieve inspiring goals that creates environments where people and profits thrive.  Consistently setting and achieving  goals is not only my passion, it’s a process that should be fun and rewarding.

 As a result of leading, coaching and mentoring literally thousands of business leaders and teams throughout my life, I learned to never take process of setting and achieving any goal for granted.  Clarity of purpose and simplicity of process are the keys to mastering any goal.

Achieving clarity of purpose is the starting point for any worthy goal.  However, we naturally seek instant gratification with pre-mature questions of “How?”, “When?” and “Where?”             without first getting clear about the “Why?”.

 If the “Why?” or Purpose is compelling, it will inspire us and those we share it with. 
The “Why?” drives, energize, empowers us to achieve any goal we commit to.

I’ve developed a new Ultimate Challenge: Leadership Coaching Program for individuals who want to clarify and achieve that inspiring goal they’ve been putting off for too long. 

 If you want to become a yoga instructor, certified private pilot, drive a racecar, run a marathon, turn a passionate hobby into a thriving business or any personal goal that inspires you or even scares you,  this customized coaching program is exactly for you.

Are you inspired right now by the thought of achieving your goal?  Why not make 2008 the best year of your life?  If you are inspired by this rare opportunity,  simply take the next step and schedule a complimentary goal clarification session by contacting me at  413-262-4906.

Rick Forgay

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