Friday, November 14, 2014

Can you afford to hire assistance for your business?

Many people go into business because of a passion they have without having the skills or knowledge needed to run a successful business. For example, you want to have a professional speaking business because of an area you have expertise in and want to share with others to help them have success in that area as well. But, marketing, financial management, hiring and managing staff, scheduling and all of the other tasks that are required to have a great speaking business is not something you enjoy or are good at. Other times business owners think they can do it all only to find out there aren’t enough hours in the day to do everything that is needed, to “take their business to the next level”, even if they have the expertise required.

Many business owners wait to hire help until they feel they can afford to do so, which for many is far too long. Don’t wait. If you hire the right person, he or she will more than pay for himself or herself in a very short period, which can free you up to do the things that bring more money into the business.­ As the business owner, you should not be spending your time doing work that you can hire others to do when they may not only be better at it, but can also do it at a lower cost to the business.  
Evaluate if hiring a professional or an assistant will enable you to reach a level of success you have not been able to achieve on your own. Consider the following tasks for the right professional or assistant:
·         -   Research marketing strategies available
-   Manage the marketing strategies you have decided to implement 
 - Strategize better ways to serve clients (ie. ways to thank clients for their business and promote
         additional business)
          -  Implement, and monitor systems to ensure the business runs efficientl
      -  Answer telephones, and schedule appointments 
          -  Track expenses
           -   Manage your social media
       - Manage your web site
       - Prepare for meeting
       - Other

Remember, if you hire the right person, he or she will more than pay for himself or herself in a very short period of time.

Brief Bio
After building a business from scratch as a single parent with no other source of income and only $2,000 to her name, to approx. $200 million in assets under management, in 2007 Nancy sold her practice and became a national professional speaker, business coach and award-winning author. She now helps business owners do a better job for their clients and improve their bottom line and helps individuals live more successful, fulfilling lives and realize their dreams. 
Nancy has been quoted in many local and national publications including USA Today, Money Magazine, Playboy magazine, The Chicago Tribune and The Day and has been a speaker for major corporations such as Pfizer, General Dynamics and Dow Chemical. Nancy has also been a guest on several television and radio shows.
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