Sunday, November 16, 2014

Winning in Todays' Competitive Environment

Welcome back Fellow Speakers and Entrepreneurs!  The date is November 16th.    Today’s Blog:  “Winning in a Competitive Environment”

We live in a world that is becoming more and more competitive.  The economy has lowered salaries and made new job acquisition more challenging due to the glut of “presumably” qualified candidates.  In addition, the consumer has learned that there are alternate options especially with the advent of the internet, and the high speed of communication.  Our goal can NOT be to succeed. . . .our goal must be to EXCELL! 

I remember trying out for a spot on a baseball team when I was younger (much younger).  I had been invited and was looking forward to an opportunity to “strut my stuff” in a game situation. 

When the coach called me off the bench to pinch hit, I arrogantly asked where he wanted me to hit the ball.  He knew I was being a smart a--, looked around the field and told me to hit over the second baseman’s head. 

I had been watching the placement of the players throughout the game, and knew the positioning was good for the way I hit.  After a few pitches, I hit the ball directly over the second baseman’s head!  I tried not to smile too much as I headed down to first base.  Within 2 weeks I was the starting shortstop, and played there for the next several seasons.

Winning in a competitive environment requires several things to happen:

1.     You must have an intimate knowledge and understanding of the   situation.  That is, you need to be highly qualified.  Knowing the rough details is not enough, you must understand thoroughly

2.     You have to know instinctively what needs to be done in order to rectify the problem or maximize results depending on the situation.  The better you know your material and understand the situation, the faster you can execute the proper plan and move on to the next opportunity

3.     You have to be willing to “put yourself out there”. . .that is to say you have to be willing to potentially fail!  This doesn’t mean you throw everything but the kitchen sink at a solution.  It means you need to be qualified to handle the situation.  You. . . .and only you can make sure you get yourself qualified via education, training, mentoring or good old experience. 

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