Saturday, November 1, 2014

Are we there yet?

Too often while we are trying to get things done we add them to a "to do” list. The problem with to-do lists for most of us is that they really represent a starting to do list, not a “get it done” list.

Here's how to transform your "to do" list into a "GET IT DONE" list.

Firstly, define two things, for you to do this you need to have a firm understanding of who the customer is, who are you doing the work for and how will they use it? Then define what DONE is. Not only what done is, but what an acceptable standard is. This may seem laborious at first, but having a clear understanding of who you're doing something for, what they think DONE is, and then what an acceptable standard is, puts so much more clarity on the task that it becomes far easier to complete fully first time.

Secondly the next thing is to put it on your to-do list. Once I put something on my to-do list, and I start doing it, I move it into processing. If I'm using paper to track my to-dos, I put a small circle next to the item which means that I'm working on it. At the end of the day, I either move it to the done column (electronic - TRELLO) or put a checkmark (paper tracking) next to it to signify that it is complete.

Lastly, whether I started the task but did not complete it, or did not start it at all  at the end of the day I only allow myself two choices:
  • Finish the task, today!
  • Transfer it onto tomorrow's task list, but break it down into at least three steps. This allows me to get the tasks done in their component parts. The power of this is it makes me drive towards DONE!

This is Tony Sherman, the Implementation Rabbi at Impact Teams, wishing you a productive month.

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