Thursday, November 20, 2014

Gratitude (Served with Stuffing and Gravy)

With Thanksgiving a week away, now is a wonderful time to consciously appreciate all of the goodness in our lives. So I got to thinking, “What are the things I am grateful for on any given day?” Here is my impromptu list:

Fresh fruit
A good night's sleep
A cat curled on my lap
Dogs that play fetch
Anything crunchy
A hot shower
A big window with a view of the outdoors
Anyone who makes me laugh
A hug
Soft fabrics
Friends who I don’t hear from but I just know they’re out there
Comfortable walking shoes
The freedom available in America
Those who fought for us, and those who fight today
Small towns
Water sparkling in the sunlight (or moonlight)
Stars, and the fact that it is dark enough to see them
Beautiful colors
Reading the New York Times
Skin lotion
Artworks of any type
Anything almond
Quality chocolate
Dark roast coffee
Ice cubes
Fresh air on my face
The warm body next to me
A beautifully written novel
Safe arrivals at destinations
Friendly service professionals
Friends and family coming through the door
Learning something new and interesting
Happy surprises
The strength in my body
The ability to move
Delivering something of value to someone else
A comfy chair
Smiling faces
Old photos
People who are “real”
Irony, cleverness and wit
The ability to think
The ability to remember
The ability to dream
Salt and pepper
An inspired idea
The moment the sauce comes together
Stuffing and gravy!

What's on your daily gratitude list? Share with me!

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