Friday, November 7, 2014

The Networking Misconception (it's NOT just a meeting)...


What is YOUR CONCEPT of Networking??   
  • Great way to meet people? - YES
  • Great way to grow your business? - YES
  • QUICK way to grow your business? - NOT NORMALLY...

    OK, you just joined a Chamber of Commerce and you are off to your 1st. Networking Meeting ARMED with BUSINESS CARDS and ready to TELL EVERYONE WHAT YOU DO, hoping they will BUY from you...

    Wow! I passed out 50 business cards and got cards from a lot of people. Can't wait to get to the office tomorrow and wait for the phone to ring - this is going to be great!

    Nothing has happened. Next meeting is tomorrow. I'll try again...

    I'm NOT RENEWING MY MEMBERSHIP. I just DIDN'T GET ANYTHING OUT OF THE CHAMBER. I haven't been to a meeting in months - I DID try a few meetings and nothing much happened - it was a WASTE OF MY TIME...

    Unfortunately, this happens all the time because many people's CONCEPT of Networking (see above) is really A MISCONCEPTION that JOINING A CHAMBER (or ANY organization) and GOING TO NETWORKING MEETINGS WILL GROW YOUR BUSINESS. It rarely happens that way because PEOPLE DON'T GO TO NETWORKING MEETINGS TO BUY anything and are likely to be TURNED OFF by people trying to SELL to them...

    The REALITY is that NETWORKING (my definition) is a PROCESS of DEVELOPING WIN-WIN RELATIONSHIPS based upon TRUST. Trust RARELY happens when you first meet someone. It takes time to develop.

    Why is TRUST so IMPORTANT? Think about it... If you are REFERRING a business associate to a friend or family member, GUESS WHOSE REPUTATION IS ON THE LINE if they mess up? Right, YOURS...
    • Foundation: A Positive Mindset, finding your Purpose for networking in the first place, and an UNCONDITIONAL GIVING APPROACH
    • Preparation: (Your Homework Assignment): What do you do? Who for? Identify your prospects. Identify desired networking contact TYPES who can introduce you to lots of prospects. Identify where to go (chambers, organizations, online, etc.) to network. Preparing for meetings: commercials, presentations, business cards, etc.
    • Process: What to do AT the meeting (HINT: the purpose is NOT sales - it's ALL ABOUT setting up APPOINTMENTS to continue the relationship building process). What to do AFTER the meeting: one to one meetings with FOLLOW UP.
    The POWER of Networking reaches FAR BEYOND THE ATTENDEES OF A NETWORKING MEETING... People at the meeting know an average of 200 people who also know an average of 200 people and on and on... By developing win-win (trusting) relationships with attendees, those people become potential resources, and on and on...

    Now that you know the Networking Misconception, the basics of the Networking Process, and the POTENTIAL of networking done right, future blogs will provide more specific tips... If you want some of them before my next blog (December 7), please call me at 860-673-4006 or visit my Web Site,

    Chip (Happiness and Success GPS for one's LIFE and one's CAREER), is a speaker, trainer, facilitator, consultant (business and personal) and a NETWORKING EXPERT. Everything I do is customized for the group or business I that am working with so let's brainstorm!

    My PURPOSE and MISSION is to spread AWARENESS to everyone that they have the CHOICE (a gift given only to human beings) to ESCAPE from "SAMEVILLE" (the day to day routines many get stuck in) and build a happy and successful life. I LOVE speaking to groups (including students) about this. If you have a suggestion for a group for me to present to, let's talk about it -
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