Friday, October 31, 2014

Isn't It About Time You Get More Out Of Your Business?

Hi.  Thom Fox here.  Blending science and experience, I work with businesses and entrepreneurs to strategize, connect with resources, and launch ideas.  With encouragement from community leaders and friends, I founded my independent consultancy focused on helping entrepreneurs gain control of their businesses.  As a coach, mentor, and consultant with two-decades experience in the fields of economic development and individual empowerment, I understand the necessity of driving results. Even when confronted with the most modest of circumstances, I’ve designed and implemented marketing and growth strategies generating tens of millions of dollars in revenue.

On a personal level, I believe it takes a community to build an economy.  I’m always happy to introduce good people to explore mutually beneficial opportunities, council young entrepreneurs, and give back to society.  Currently, I serve on the Board of Directors of Junior Achievement of Western Massachusetts (Fmr. Chairman), Suit Up Springfield, and as a Facilitator and Mentor for Valley Venture Mentors.

I also Host The Engine: Entrepreneur Radio and The Engine: Sunday Edition airing on Clear Channel (WHYN-AM, WHYN-FM and WRNX-FM). Acknowledged as an expert resource, I’ve has been interviewed by Forbes, U.S. News & World Report, Consumers Digest, The Huffington Post, Reuters, Fox Business, and

On the Movers and Shakers blog I’ll be discussing some of the most common challenges businesses face when scaling their services.  In particular, I’ll focus on employee engagement, increasing revenue and profitability, and how to infuse innovation into your business. 

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  1. Welcome Thom, You sound like a phenomenal asset to the group.