Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Mindset and Your Career??

Hi! I'm Chip Janiszewski, Happiness and Success GPS for one's LIFE and one's CAREER. I am a speaker, trainer, facilitator and consultant (business and personal) - see http://chipj.com for details about my experience, etc. Everything I do is customized for the group or business I that am working with so let's brainstorm!

My PURPOSE and MISSION is to spread AWARENESS to everyone that they have the CHOICE (a gift given only to human beings) to ESCAPE from "SAMEVILLE" and build a happy and successful life. "SAMEVILLE" is the day to day routine of going through life influenced by the opinions, expectations, judgments/criticisms of OTHERS coupled with constant exposure to the 99% negative media.  I LOVE speaking to groups (including students) about this. If you have a suggestion for a group for me to present to,  let's talk about it - coffee's on me!

In future posts, we'll talk networking strategies, mindset, strategic planning (all specialties of mine) and a whole lot more... Topic recommendations are welcome so please respond!!

 OCTOBER 27 Event: Join me and three other presenters from 5:30 - 7:30 PM at Junior Achievement in Hartford for the Success Summit: Mindset and Tips for Health, Happiness, and Lifelong Success. This is a networking event that includes four short presentations. Click HERE to download a flyer (PDF) - register at http://SuccessSummitCT.com.

Call me anytime at 860-673-4006 - looking forward to hearing from you!!

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  1. Hello Chip, looking forward to learning more about you. Thanks