Sunday, October 5, 2014

Master Your Life While Smiling! Meet Jenny Drescher

 Hi, my name is Jenny Drescher. I’m a Choice Coach and Speaker. I also do Improv Comedy.

I put my coach training into a big pot with my improvisation training, and out came a terrific recipe for unique developmental and learning environments. The blend of coaching and improvisation has proven to be a powerful and exciting strategy for my clients to get the results they want. As a coach, I serve my clients by being a supportive 2"x4" wrapped in velvet, a confidence-builder, and a change catalyst. As an improviser, I have them smiling while they grow, even through really big challenges.

Teaching people to completely own their lives, laugh more, and never again get in their own way or be held back by others is my passion. I know what it’s like to be frustrated by getting stuck in the same pattern over and over and feeling like you’re getting nowhere, because I've been there; I'll tell you about it sometime.

I offer customized talks and playshops designed to empower and teach you and/or your group in a fun, energizing way. A playshop is a dynamic, highly interactive environment where you will use your brain, body, voice, and sense of humor. You will not sit for hours while your butt gets numb. Together, we will stretch and develop as a team using laughter and play. Even through the challenging parts you and your group will feel supported, secure, and will smile while you build your bridge to what you really want.

I work with individuals, small teams, and service organizations to become adaptable, confident, resilient, and creative. Are you and your team ready to become unstoppable?

Visit me at for information about my programs and services.

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  1. Hey Jenny, so glad you are posting here. Love your work and looking forward to reading more of your insights.