Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Ann Meacham
“I’m overwhelmed; no time to plan!”

Face it: Firefighting is an adrenaline rush. Sitting down to plan requires discipline, quiet time and deep thought. When businesses focus on the mini-crises that are always erupting around them, they lose sight of their goals and their strategies for success.

Lack of clear purpose, vision and direction create a culture of wasted time and money. Vision-purpose is a powerful tool to keep you moving forward.

What can you do?

STOP! …get away from your work if only for a couple of hours.  Focus on thinking about what outcome you want.  This isn’t only about money.  What do you want your company to look like in three years?  What are the steps you will need to take to become that?

Once you have a clear picture of what it will be, deciding on a plan becomes easier.  

To set expectations that you and your people can meet decide:

What is the goal?  3 – 6 goals that will lead to the Vision

How will be accomplished?  Steps that will lead to the outcome.

Who will champion it? Make sure it happens.

When do the parts need to be completed? Create milestones.

Where can you go for help?  Delegate, access a resource or hire someone when needed.

Focus on strategies for growth and the firefighting will subside.  New revenues will start to flow!

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