Saturday, October 25, 2014

Sharks, Surf Boards and Riding Waves! Take the Risk!

Welcome Success Team Speakers and Entrepreneurs, 

When I was younger my parents would take my brother and I on vacation to York Beach, Me. There are two beaches there one is Short Sands and the other is Long Sands. Long Sands is where I learned how to surf. The waves reached 4 to 7 feet high. When your a kid waiting to catch a wave they seemed as tall as a skyscraper. I love the challenge of riding those waves. I started surfing around the age of 13, I bought my own surf board, wet suit and a huge supply of wax. By the time I was 15 years of age I became quite a surfer and started surfing with guys a bit older than me. The more experienced surfers would urge me to head out further and further into the ocean(against Mom's wishes). The curiosity and mystique of finding "The Big Wave" was what lured me out as far as 60-80 yards from shore. The older surfers were right I caught some of the biggest waves that I have ever ridden. This is when I learned that going after what you want in life comes with some RISK. In July, the waters in Maine reach their warmest of the season. This will bring in Tiger Sharks closer than ever to shore. One time I was sitting approximately 80 yards from shore with two other surfers watching the roll and cadence of the waves so I could catch the next big one.......when looking over my shoulder  .....I caught glimpse of 3 fins quickly approaching the three of us 30 to 40 yards out. There is no time for fear! I yelled: "sharks!!" dropped to the surf board and started paddling towards shore like you wouldn't believe. There was plenty of people on the shore including at least three capable Life Guards. I knew one thing was for sure, we were on our own and we didn't have a second to spare. There was no possible chance for help. I remember paddling and thinking which foot is going to get it first. Seconds seemed like minutes.Thankfully, All three of us caught waves and we surfed to shore safely. A few weeks later I had  the opportunity to see a new movie called "JAWS". That is when I hung up the surf board in the garage for good.

 "Golden Nugget #2": "What are you willing to RISK so you can achieve your life's dream? What your dream? Is it to do your first paid speech? If it is walking away from your job and opening or starting that business or career that you have wanted for years, WILL YOU DO IT? What is that VISION that keeps you up at night? WILL YOU PURSUE IT? Yes, there is RISK in everything we do. There is risk in driving our cars everyday. I have always found that you need to push the limits to achieve something special, to be different and to live different. Too many dreams and goals in get eaten by the two legged negative sharks in life. They could be your friends, family or co-workers. If personal change was easy everyone would be doing and achieving it. The near shark attack I had was a true story. There were plenty of other surfers in the water that day. They were close to shore and playing it safe. They were betting on catching the small waves and they achieved what they set out for. My advice: Go for the extra yardage of effort in your pursuit. Work harder, study harder, prospect harder, look better, sell better and always DREAM BIGGER. If you always strive to stay away from AVERAGE you will leave the AVERAGE thinkers close to shore playing in the small waves while you go out and catch the BIG ONES!

 I look forward communicating with you on the 25th next month.

John P. Slosek, Jr. 
30 years as a Sales Professional and Insurance Agency Owner. He is currently an Exclusive Agency Owner for Allstate in Chicopee, Massachusetts. (413-331-3900)

He is also the host of the "Insurance Coach Radio Show" which has been continuously running for 13 years. His efforts are directed to promote personal change. The show steers towards personal growth and common sense education for his listeners.His personal email:                                        
The show can be heard every Saturday morning at 8 am on 
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John is also a Certified Speaker in the area of Sales, Personal Growth, Marketing, Leadership Skills, and Entrepreneurship. He is available by direct contact (413) 246-5037(text). Just in case the speaker you hired cancels, he will make himself available for last minute cancellations for your company or event. John is also licensed to teach John Maxwell material and multi-level marketing concepts.

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  1. Wow John! You were literally "swimming with the sharks"! Great story and Nugget!