Friday, October 17, 2014

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Have you ever been so frustrated by a company’s poor customer service that you wanted to scream?
Is it possible anyone ever felt that way about your company’s customer service?
According to current statistics, for every one customer who complains to you, 26 won’t tell you they are unhappy--but they will tell nine to fifteen other people. And a scary 13% of them will tell 20 or more people. Picture them in the middle of town…with a bullhorn made out of your hide.

               Don’t let this happen to you!
Now picture yourself enjoying a successful business, secure in the knowledge that your staff is using their well-honed Emotional Intelligence skills to deliver sparkling customer care to your constituents.
Emotional Intelligence--also known as soft skills, or people skills—makes the difference in any arena between going through the motions and delivering an authentic, warm experience. As the principal of JZN Associates, my specialty, my passion, is helping individuals put their Emotional Intelligence to practical use in their careers and in their personal lives. I am available to agencies, organizations, and corporations. My experience is in recruiting, hiring, training, managing and motivating across a variety of industries, in both the non-profit and for profit worlds.
Watch my blog for Pearls of Wisdom on such topics as 
·         CustomerCentric Mindset
·         Employee Retention
·         From Disgruntled Customer to Biggest Fan…And much more…….
Jeannie Newman




  1. Great topic Jeannie! I totally agree on how important emotional intelligence in how how we function as human beings. Well done!

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