Thursday, October 16, 2014

Developing World Class Customer Service

Welcome back Fellow Speakers and Entrepreneurs’!  The date is Thursday October 16th.    Today’s Blog:  “World Class Customer Service”

We are all consumers.  When we decide to participate in a transaction, it comes with expectations; sometimes we simply want the transaction go without issue!   We expect to receive a product or service that meets our needs, and anticipate it to be easy and fulfilling.  The following true story is what I consider “World Class Customer Service”.

A friend of mine likes to purchase good quality men’s clothes.  He goes to a well-known men’s store, partially for the high quality apparel he feels he is going to get as well as the high end shopping experience.   He picks a pair of slacks that he wants, pays a premium for them, and is told they will be tailored to fit him perfectly, and shipped to his home in approximately 7-10 days.

After 10 days he has not yet received the slacks and reaches out to the retailer looking into when he might expect them; no complaints, just an inquiry.  When the department manager hears that the product has not yet been delivered. . . .he immediately dispatches a courier to hand deliver the slacks to my friends home, that afternoon.

There was no complaint about not receiving the apparel, merely an inquiry as to when they should be expected!  The level of service that followed was meant to attain what was expected “by the retailer, if not by the consumer”!   The retailer had their own level of expectation and when it was not met, acted quickly to remedy the situation before a “situation” actually occurred!  

World Class Customer Service is not the practice of doing what is expected. . . .it is doing what is not expected!

What might have been a minor “miss” was turned into a testament of what the retailer was willing to do to insure a very high level of service regardless of what the cost or level of expectation. . .they delivered at the “standard” that they expected.
This is how you develop loyal, long term customers!

My name is Bill Miranda.  My career has helped me to understand, define and develop World Class Customer Service organizations, Marketing Strategies, and Dynamic Sales Strategies and Tactics. 
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