Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Expand Your Reach Through The Power of Your Voice

        My name is Doug Foresta, and I help coaches, therapists, speakers and authors stand out and be heard through the power of podcasting. I began my own journey of podcasting in 2009 on Blog Talk Radio, and today I host and produce 3 shows, including Creating Change on Empower Radio and The Coachzing Show on iTunes and Stitcher Radio. In that time I've interviewed over 700 guests, including New York Times bestselling authors and Academy Award winners.

         What I'll be sharing with you in this blog is how to use the power of your spoken voice to get your message out in a big way to those who most need to hear it. I'll share with you the best of what I've learned in 6 years of podcasting and coaching hundreds of people to start their own podcasts. However, this blog isn't only about podcasting, it's about using podcasting as a vehicle for honing your message and speaking your truth.

         I believe that something magical happens when we speak our truth. When your ideal clients and prospects can hear the conviction in your voice, they immediately connect with you in a way that they never could through any other medium. If you have a message that inspires and uplifts others, but don't know how to reach beyond your current circle of influence, I'll show you how to get your message out to people all over the world.

         There is a saying that "we teach what we most need to learn." Growing up, I felt that my own voice was stifled, and it took me many years to have the courage to stand up and say what I really thought and felt. Podcasting gave me the platform to do that in a bigger way than I ever thought possible. I'll show you step by step how to create an online platform with a podcast, even if you don't have a big list or any online presence.  It is an honor to be on this journey with you, and I hope to motivate and inspire you to speak your truth in a way that increases your visibility, boosts your book or blog and helps you stand out and be heard.

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  1. Hey Doug, looking forward to learning more. Thanks for sharing.