Monday, October 13, 2014

8 Things To Do On Linkedin After Someone Gives You Their Card

So you go to those lunch-time and evening networking group events; good for you. But what exactly do you do with those business cards that you collect? If you’re like many, those cards are probably stacked up in piles on your desk and you have full intentions to do something with them someday when you get a ROUND TUIT. Consider this me giving you your ROUND TUIT and an idea on what to do next.  Here are 8 things to do on Linkedin with that stack of cards:

1. Find them on Linkedin and connect with them. Use the COLLEAGUE button and select your role that you may have shared with them at the event. In other words, how would they know it was you. Add to the personal note box that you met at the XYZ Event and that it was a pleasure to meet them.

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2. Fill out the HOW YOU MET section under the RELATIONSHIP tab, under their photo. This will be valuable information later on when you’re trying to remember how you know them.

3. Examine their profile to learn more about them and use that information to determine what’s important to them and more importantly; what solutions might you be able to provide for them.

4. When they accept your invite, send them a message thanking them for adding you to their network and invite them to let you know if there is anything you can do to help them.

5. If you can help them out directly, do so. If you can’t, connect them to any of your connections that might be able to.

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6. Think about which of your discussion groups you moderate that you could invite them to and do it. If you haven’t created any Linkedin discussion groups, create one and then invite them in.

7. Invite them to any of your local or web-based events that might interest them. If you don’t have any future local or web-based events (lectures, workshops, trainings, etc.) perhaps it’s time you created some.

8. Invite them out for coffee to learn more about them and to find common group so you can help each other.

To all of those who say, “I have a Linkedin profile, but it hasn’t brought me any new business,” I’d like to say, “You haven’t learned what to do with it.  Hire me and I’ll show you how to master Web 2.0 marketing at its best.”  Be watching for my future post titled HOW TO FIND PROSPECTS USING SOCIAL MEDIA CHANNELS. I’m more affordable than you might realize so call me today or get my latest book.  Bill Corbett, Web 2.0 Marketing Consultant