Thursday, October 2, 2014

Speak Naked and Love Public Speaking

 Hi. I'm Glenn Dulko and I'll be dropping in here on the 2nd of each month.  I am a professional public speaking coach, and I help emerging speakers find their voice, define their message, and design their delivery. The result? Speakers with confidence, clarity and the power to change lives.

I believe that when you stand on stage, in front of an audience, sharing your gifts, your ideas and your passions, what you are really saying is “I love you.”

What I hear you saying is “I love you so much that I will face the scariest thing in the world (the fear of public speaking) and risk everything to make sure you receive this gift. 

Love. This is what I believe is in the heart of every great speaker, and in you.

The world needs more of your inspiration, passion and love. This is why I work with emerging speakers, and why I created Speak Naked speaker and presentation trainings. My passion is to encourage, empower and liberate game-changing ideas, inspirational stories and infectious passion from the speakers who want to share them.

To Speak Naked is to unclutter ourselves and strip away everything: the PowerPoint, papers, podium, and pretenses that hide us from our message and our audiences. Once we come out of hiding, we learn the secrets of communication and public speaking to truly connect, move and lead our audience.

Believe it. When you Speak Naked you can effectively and lovingly talk with any audience, anytime, anywhere.

Do you want to Speak Naked and learn to Love public speaking?  
Then get in touch:
I offer individual coaching and group trainings to emerging speakers and business leaders, and would love to help you.

Until next time. Stand up, Step out and Speak Naked.

Love ya,

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  1. This is great, Glenn. It's refreshing to hear someone encouraging us to be our truest selves in front of an audience. I really look forward to learning from you. Hopefully you can do a presentation at an HSSN meeting!