Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The Psychology of Achievement! Part 1

Brian Tracy, the author of, The Psychology of Achievement, asks, “Why are some people more successful than others?” He eventually answers his question with the statement that achievers, whether they know it or not, practice many of the following methods: Peace of Mind, Health and Energy, Loving Relationships, Worthy Goals and Ideals, and a Feeling of Personal Fulfillment or Self-Actualization.

Perhaps you use at least one of these success methods, or could at least see yourself using one of them very soon. Is what you are doing right now giving you peace of mind? If it is not, then stop struggling against your natural tendencies and find out what creates a sense of peace for you. Down the road you will thank yourself for this. Do you find yourself with an abundance of health and energy? Are you taking care of yourself and doing what you were meant to do? If not, it will wear away your health and energy, and without that we don’t have much. Do you have loving relationships? In the end, these relationships really are why you do what you do. If you lose sight of this you won’t be happy or successful, no matter what you do.

People need worthy goals and ideals. It is what drives us as the highest species on the food chain. It gives us that inner feeling of being successful. If you have nothing to shoot for, then you’ll find a meaningless life of turmoil and struggle. Finally, if you haven’t found personal fulfillment yet, hopefully, someday you will. Personal fulfilment or self-actualization is what Dr. Abraham Maslow talked about on his hierarchy of needs as being the final step to a happy life once our lower more basic needs have been met. 

So there you have it. Pick one or more of the categories above and spend some time truly thinking about it, as well as figuring out how to apply it to your own life and you too will become more cognizant of the psychology of your own success. Subsequently, success is sure to follow.

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