Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Where are You on the Creativity Spectrum?

No matter where you are on the creative spectrum – your creative potential is greater than your current creative state.  However, as individuals we often never strive to achieve that greatness.  Ask yourself – how is your fear of failure holding you back?  Personally and professionally.

There are many reasons why we stifle our creative ability.  We fear rejection and we fear success.  We fear our ideas are insignificant or fear that they won’t make a difference.   We fear that by bringing our ideas forward that we will look foolish or we fear that others will think we are just plain nuts.  We spend too much time in our own heads – afraid of those past voices who told us we couldn’t. 

Remember back in kindergarten when you drew that great picture of that dog or cat and you were all proud of it and couldn’t wait to get home to show mom and dad.  Then somebody told you that your cat looked like a stick figure – perhaps the teacher or another student.  Suddenly you felt deflated and rejected – crumpled up your drawing and threw it the trash bin.  So you gave up on drawing animals and never realize your full potential.   In this way, we crush our own aspirations and give up on our creativity.

Whatever, the reason - when we are fearful it creates a state of paralysis.  As adults it can difficult to separate past criticisms from one person’s personal opinion.  At six, it can be impossible.  How many great artists, scientists and thinkers do we lose because of past criticism?  The funny thing is, is that all those judgments, and negative thoughts bubble up from within yourself. When you finally actually share your creative thoughts with others, you will find that most people are very supportive, and eager to lend a hand.

Fear is counterproductive as we don’t think as clearly and deeply and it doesn’t help us become better workers, parents or lead better lives.  Instead, it helps us maintain a comfortable status quo which can box us in and compartmentalize us.  So allow yourself to feel the fear, know it is okay and act on it anyway! 

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  1. This is a great article on facing the fear and moving forward. Most of what we fear never comes true and we waste a great amount of quality time worrying about it. As you stated it can keep you from breaking out from the crowd and compartmentalize us form reaching our true potential.