Thursday, March 26, 2015

Share What You're Good At Giving and They’ll Opt-in

Something that I have been researching and testing the waters on is creating videos. They are after all one of the biggest social media trends going; and showcases your personality and the way you verbally express yourself like no other medium can. Plus, there are tons of ways, and purposes, to use videos!

I am excited to share with you a step-by-step process that I am currently working through to create a Mini-Video Course and to gain email-opt-ins. I’m thinking the process could help you too, if you’ve been considering using video in your marketing efforts.

Here we go!

1.    Brainstorm topics based on your process, tips or strategies that you are good at giving AND solve customer pain-points, problems and/or lack of important information.

2. Determine 3-video sub-topic-points (that each correlate to the bigger main-topic for the Course) that have enough information within each sub-topic but that the video is no more than 7 minutes long.

3. Take one piece of paper, for each of the 3 videos, and bullet out every important point and process within the video.

4. Name each video based on customer “catchy” language.

5. Write the first line of each video… “In this video you will learn/experience/do/uncover, etc. ….”

6. Ask some 3rd parties for feedback and challenge questions…adjust if need be.

7. Do an actual vocal run-through several times for each video using your first line and bullet points you outlined earlier. This will help to sanity check time and get the flow of the video down.

8. Figure out your call to action for the end of each video; and clarify how you will end each video so that is practiced as well.

9. Again, run through all 3 videos as a test and get feedback from 3rd parties! This is a great time to check your energy (make sure it’s good and high) as good energy is naturally compelling to the audience.

10. Title the Mini-Video Course with customer “catchy” language.

11. Reduce the entire Course series to 2 or 3 bullets to go with the title as an opt-in promise.

12. Create the opt-in page with the promise and a redirect to a thank you page.

13. Create a “thank you for opting in video,” reselling the value of the Course that comes directly after they opt-in.

14. Officially record all 3 videos!!!

15. Write the thank you for opting in email and the emails that go with each video; reiterating the payoff of watching it and supply video link.

16. Publish!!! And start getting the opt-ins!

17. Deliver the “thank you for opting in video” in an email immediately, and first official video (first of the three) separately but right after the thank you video email.

18. Space the next two videos out over several days or one-week.

I hope you find the above super helpful; I know I did (and still do!). The steps came from a workshop I attended this past year run by Margaret M. Lynch (gotta give credit! J). This is something that you can make multiples of and switch them out to keep things interesting for your online visitors.

Remember – the videos do not need to be “perfect;” customers these days would rather see real and flawed over squeaky clean and zero mistakes (or zero personality) – shake it up, have fun and be yourself. The audience will love you even more!

Until next time, happy marketing!

Chana Monahan
Greenhouse Graphics, llc. Where Ideas Grow



  1. Great post Chana! It's my favorite thus far, rich with ideas and content itself. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Hi Lucinda and Daniel - thank you very much for your great comments on my article! I just saw them now... I don't get auto-notifications of comments... maybe you know how I could? See you both at an upcoming HSSN meeting.