Sunday, March 22, 2015

Madness in March

Only 18% of all division-one college basketball schools make the NCAA Tournament. The 64 best teams in the nation are in the Big Dance for one reason. They never gave up. If they had a bad game one night, they would have to erase that performance and move on. The next game would be their focus.

The secret to success is to improve on past performance by asking the right questions going forward.

What does the team need to improve on in practice to prepare them for the next game?
How did they execute the plays?
Who stepped up and led their team during key moments of the game?
How did the team manage the clock when the game was close?
When did the game take a turn for the worst and how did the players react?
What was their shooting percentage?
Did they take too many deep shots or were they capitalizing on closer, higher percentage shots?
Were they playing a loose zone defense or an aggressive man-to-man defense?
How big was the team they lost to and what are the size match ups in the next game?
How well did the defense play?
Did they grab enough rebounds?

And on and on...the questions continue. The best teams dig deep and solve the problems that plagued them in previous losses.
If they have a winning streak, they build on that and keep doing what works. Why are we so shocked when a 14 seed beats a 3 seed? Sure, they are the "underdog", but they work just as hard as the other, more "talented" team because they are in the top 18%.

How is your business these days? Have you taken any hits (losses) lately? If so, what questions are you asking to avoid these losses down the road? Maybe you are riding a "hot streak"? Great! Keep doing what you're doing and build off of those wins, so you can be in the top 18% or better yet, STAY in the 18%.

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