Friday, March 6, 2015

The Art of the Perfect Introduction Begins with a SHAKE

The Art of the Perfect Introduction Begins with a SHAKE

When an introduction is made, I am excited for the SHAKE.  The Handshake that is.   Since entering the wonderful world of etiquette in 2001, I have prided myself on perfecting my handshake and I often take note of the receiving end.  Some people remember names, well, some people remember faces, I tend to remember the handshake and make mental notes therein.  While this seems kind of odd and a plethera of useless information to hold in my brain, it nonetheless imbeds itself rather permanently in my knowledge bank.  Ask me to remember your name -- forget it - but your handshake -  DOWN PAT!

Today I share the 5 S's of the perfect handshake and a simple test for you to complete in the privacy of your own home to achieve such greatness in the handshake arena...

STAND - always stand when introduced to someone - regardless of gender
SEE - look the person directly in the eyes 
SMILE - smile sincerely
SAY - say your name or repeat theirs back to them during the introduction
SHAKE - grasp the offered hand and pump in an up and down direction 2 - 4 times

Now the important part - how can you test your handshaking ability so it will rise to the top of my all time list of Movers and Handshakers?   Simple put retreat to your bathroom.   Here you will need a tube of toothpaste, a well lit area and a mirror.   

Stand in front of the mirror and practice greeting someone in the mirror using the toothpaste as the hand you are about to shake.   Proceed to grasp the tube and shake as you would when being introduced to someone.   And that's it.  You're done.   

The results lie in the toothpaste.....   If you have toothpaste running fervently out of the tube all over the sink, your handshake is too harsh and firm.   

If the toothpaste never exited the opening - your handshake is too light perhaps a bit underwhelming.

If the toothpaste reaches the end of the tube opening without spilling out the end - WHAAA LAAA    You have accomplished the perfect firmness and grasp of handshake greatness - one which will live on in my house of Handshake Fame!

So the next time I see you - remember I will be awaiting your SHAKE.

Karen A. Thomas
Certified Etiquette & Civility Trainer
(860) 387-1282

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