Wednesday, March 18, 2015

"Time Suckers" Evil Productivity Inhibitors

"Time Suckers" Evil Productivity Inhibitors By Virginia Ann Griffiths
Can you remember a day when you set out to do a simple home project, and it is taking way longer than you expected it to because you have been interrupted or derailed by text messages, phone calls, misplaced materials or lack of materials for the project? Those are what I like to call "Time suckers" those unimportant, not urgent or unorganized distractions. Many times we are unaware of these little distractions that keep us from being productive, not to mention cause undo stress as well as practically impossible to get back on task.  Well I have found a system that will help you to identify and decrease those "Time Suckers". You can find the form at: click on the link Interrupters Log Worksheet; or you can take out a sheet of paper, make 4 columns and write the following at the top of each column, use this throughout the day to track your interruptions, be sure to log everything that distracts you from your task at hand. Person-Thing, Date and Time Description of Interruption, Valid?, Urgent?  You may be surprised by how many interruptions you actually have during the course of a project or your day.
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