Monday, March 30, 2015

Step 4: Set Goals Outside Your Comfort Zone

These 5 Steps to Claiming Your Dreams are truly strategic. You have first off, given yourself permission to dream, taken the leap to make that happen, and then:

  1.    Eliminated the negative messages from others and yourself.
  2. Reassessed your values to see if they fit your next dream
  3. Created the new identity that embodied your dream – making it yours.
  4.  And now, setting goals outside of your comfort zone.

When your dream is locked into the need to play it safe you set yourself up to be limited in success, growth, and joy. Rather, it is imperative to set your goals well out of your comfort zone. In doing that, because it seems so outrageous, you are forced to clarify your wants and needs, you are required to have clear intention focused on exactly where you want to go, and being thrilled with the adventure of it all, you end up devoting yourself to making it all happen.

Clarity, intention, and devotion are the necessities of a successful company, a successful dream, and a successful life that is far beyond what you ever could have imagined. Safe results in stagnation whereas the risk of going outside your comfort zone brings up your fears, your passion, and amazingly the wondrous feeling of having been able to do it. Think of that saying “reach for the moon even if fail you will be among the stars.” It will be so worth the trip! 

Dorothy A. Martin-Neville, PhD, is a motivational speaker, author, coach, and psychotherapist who has spent her career helping others, through humor and faith, claim their dreams, eliminate self-sabotage, and become everything they were meant to be.

She can be reached at:   860-543-5629   

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